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Manage Change

FireMon’s automation capabilities save time and resources while eliminating opportunities for errors and misconfigurations.

Avoid Misconfigurations. Accelerate Business. Improve Security

Changing firewall rules and security policies isn’t a glamorous task, but the consequences of getting it wrong can be quite severe. A simple misconfiguration can block legitimate users to mission critical services or can let the wrong folks in exposing the organization to attack.

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Real-Time Change Monitoring

Real-time change monitoring is crucial to stay ahead of problems before they start. FireMon monitors policy changes
across the entire environment, on any device: on premises or in the cloud. If a policy is changed, you’ll know about it.

  • Data collectors detect policy changes immediately on
    every device
  • Tailor alerts to meet your needs
  • Integration with SIEM, SOAR, and XDR platforms


Rule Change Workflows

Our workflows take the complicated, messy, and time consuming processes of new rule creation and changes to existing policies then streamlines them both. FireMon orchestrates the entire rule creation and change process.

  • Intelligent rule design evaluates requests then
    recommends changes for every required for every object and device
  • Workflow process optimized for firewall rules
  • Risk and compliance scoring before a rule is deployed
  • Highly customizable and supports ITSM integration including ServiceNow, Remedy, and Jira


Policy Change Automation

FireMon can fully automate the deployment of a policy change with our automation tools. Once a rule is ready to go, you have the option to have the FireMon platform deploy it automatically.

  • Deployment to all affected devices across the environment
  • Can be scheduled in approved change windows
  • Fully implemented in minutes
  • Change confirmations provided to the user

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