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FireMon’s automation capabilities save time and resources while eliminating opportunities for errors and misconfigurations.

See Everything, Protect Everything, and Adapt to Change.

Avoid Misconfigurations. Accelerate Business. Improve Security.

The most common threat to business security isn’t a determined hacker finding elaborate ways through defenses. Networks are far more likely to be exposed by accidental firewall and cloud security group misconfigurations. Manual rule and policy management of complex ground-to-cloud networks introduces countless opportunities for error, and most breaches are simply attackers taking advantage of this low-hanging fruit.

FireMon saves time and eliminates errors through adaptive policy automation, delivered at the right pace for your organization.

Centralized rule repository provides a consolidated view of all policies to simplify reporting and revision control while streamlining audits

Policy standardization and cleanup normalizes policies across vendors to identify errors, leak paths, and the rules you no longer need

Policy change automation accelerates rule creation and changes with real-time misconfiguration and policy violation prevention


Efficiency gain by automating firewall support operations


Reduction in firewall rule creation time


Reduction in complexity by removing unneeded firewall rules

Centralized Rule Repository

A single console to manage every policy

FireMon consolidates policy information across the entire environment into a central location, automatically tracking all changes. Automated policy enforcement point discovery and identification ensures no device slips through the cracks. A comprehensive policy repository streamlines management, simplifies compliance reporting, and creates a ready-made audit trail.

Automated policy management from FireMon eliminates uncertainty, reduces errors and pinpoints problems.

Plicy Standardization and Cleanup

Policies that speak the same language

Normalization streamlines policy management across multiple firewall vendors and hybrid cloud environments. Rules are tested before they’re implemented to ensure they meet existing compliance requirements and best practices, and policy-aware access path analysis minimizes redundancy and duplication.

FireMon ensures policies are standardized, tested, and automatically reviewed across the network.


Policy change automation

Monitor your policy environment in real time

Real-time detection of network changes and policy errors across the entire ecosystem provides organizations with greater context and security. Integration with SIEM, SOAR, and XDR platforms provides another layer of security against malicious activity, while ITSM integrations and our industry-leading API-first approach ensures your policies are integrated across your existing workflows.

Your policy enforcement is automated in lockstep with your existing solutions with FireMon.


Complex multi-vendor and hybrid cloud infrastructure cannot be effectively managed manually. Automated solutions accelerate results and eliminate errors.

FireMon automation gives your team the time to focus on mission-critical operations and avoid misconfigurations.

FireMon Change Automation Solutions eliminate misconfigurations, streamline operations, and increase security across your environment.

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