Policy Optimizer

Automate workflows to review and recertify existing firewall and cloud security group rules

Rules Change. Maintaining Compliance Can’t.

Maintaining and removing policies rarely receives as much attention as their creation. Old policies clutter the network with expired, unused, and overly permissive rules expanding the threat surface. This sends security impacts rippling across the organization and makes meeting compliance standards nearly impossible.

Policy Optimizer for FireMon Security Manager

The Policy Optimizer module for Security Manager provides automatic workflow management to review then recertify or decertify existing firewall rules in accordance with compliance, business, or security policies. Using event-based triggers or search query results generated within Security Manager, Policy Optimizer automatically creates then sends tickets to policy owners to take action.

  • Continuous compliance by ensuring existing rules are reviewed regularly and when violations occur
  • Streamlined and accurate compliance audits with historical documentation on all rule certifications
  • Automated PCI DSS 3.2.1 compliance for requirement 1.1.7
  • Automated PCI DSS 3.2.1 compliance for requirement 1.1.7
  • Rapid and more accurate rule reviews with integration into existing business processes
Policy Optimizer for FireMon Security Manager

“There is a comprehensive list of built-in compliance controls that are missing in the competition. "

Analyst in Information Technology
IT Services Company
501-1,000 employees

“It's great for audit purposes when you need to show when changes were made, what was made, who made them, and with what change. "

Jeff Reese
Cybersecurity Engineer
Aera Energy LLC

“Gives you an enterprise dashboard with percentages that you can drill down to the devices - as the rules are constantly changing to fit business needs this helps reduce security flaws a human will miss. "

IT Engineer
Banking Company
5,001 - 10,000 employees

“With FireMon, we are able to continually audit our firewalls and flag any issues that would cause a problem with a security audit. "

Howard Wall
Senior Security Engineer
Alkami Technology

“FireMon does a great job in validating firewall policies against our regulatory requirements and in the utility business there is a lot of regulation to comply to. I think this is a great strength because it's getting harder and harder to follow-up on all regulation that applies. "

IT Professional
Utilities Company
10,000+ employees

“After identifying which firewalls and rulesets are in scope, producing a report artifact to satisfy PCI requirements on firewall reviews is literally a two-click operation"

IT Engineer
Retail Company
10,000+ employees

“A flexible interface allows for granular information to be generated, exported, and manipulated. Want to export a list of expired rules? Done. Rules that allow traffic but don't have logging enabled? Done. Find a change that took place outside of your change window and identify who's manager to speak to? Done. "

Daniel James
Security Engineer
Southwest Airlines

Automatic Ticket Creation and Routing

Flexible workflows that can be adapted to nearly any business process.

  • Event-based triggers including policy violations, rule expiration dates, dormancy over time, control failures, and periodically scheduled reviews
  • Send rule search query results from Security Manager to create new workflows
  • Rules automatically assigned to owner by email with relevant attachments for review and treatment
  • Highly customizable workflows can be tailored to business or regulatory requirements
Automatically review rules based on specific details 

Rule Treatment Options

Allow each rule owner to select how each rule should be processed.

  • Certify rules to keep active
  • Decertify rules that need to be revised or decommissioned
  • Automate rule decommissioning when used with Policy Planner
Eliminate inefficient, error-prone processes

Centralized Audit Tracking

Detailed information automatically created and stored to track all events for audit compliance.

  • Audit trails automatically register all actions performed on the rule over time
  • Details on review stage, reviewer, start/end dates, completion, and duration captured for each ticket
  • Tamper-proof audit data ensures accurate compliance reporting
Policy Optimizer Maintains Continuous Compliance

Administration and Reporting

Complete suite of tools to manage the entire policy recertification process.

  • Easy-to-understand dashboard of all workflows in progress
  • Color-coded severity to prioritize mitigation
  • Find any Policy Optimizer ticket quickly using FireMon’s SIQL search tools
  • Role-based workflow permissions
Compliance and assessment report

Use Cases

Centralized Audit Trails

FireMon Policy Optimizer Datasheet

Automate policy change review processes and streamline rule justification and clean-up efforts to optimize performance and ensure continuous compliance with industry regulations and best practices.


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Real-time compliance assessments allow security and compliance teams to make strategic, data-driven decisions quickly.


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“FireMon – Bringing the Heat!”
Southwest Airlines


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