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Orchestration APIs

Essential Connections to Accelerate Digital Transformation

FireMon Enables Seamless Integration

With Competitor APIs

  • Providing users guidance outside their automation platforms hinders progress, reduces consistency and increases errors
  • Utilizing disparate security tools results in limited visibility and crossplatform interoperability
  • Requiring users to learn new tools can result in inefficient use of time and resources
  • Managing API access control using manual processes is time-consuming and error-prone
  • Addressing NSPM gaps using manual processes is error-prone and can take hours or days

With FireMon Unified View for Cloud Security Policies

  • Increase agility by providing code suggestions within your existing automation platforms
  • Orchestrate control of multiple heterogeneous devices across your entire infrastructure from a single pane of glass
  • Boost efficiency by enabling them to manage security and compliance policies using familiar ITSM tools
  • Manage the level of API access control automatically and efficiently based on user profile
  • Seamlessly fill the network security policy management (NSPM) gap within existing automated workflows

Broad and deep integrations across multiple platforms and applications, including SOAR, ITSM, CI/CD, SIEM, vulnerability management, environmental changes, email and spreadsheets, custom scripts, and endpoint device management, allow DevOps to use their own toolchain for all integrations instead of multiple proprietary vendor SDKs.

Orchestration APIs enable automation and orchestration, distributed data collection, elastic search, and reports and alerting services; and support distributed AppServers and rule management repositories.

Policy management workflow building blocks include Request, Design, Review, Implement, Verify, Compliance Validation, Rule Suggestion, and Rule Documentation.

This open integration approach enables a unique level of flexibility and agility—unlike competitive solutions that limit both access to their APIs and system integration options.

Remove traditional limitations and gain control over your complex network

Access the API through code or through the SwaggerUI to avoid errors and ensure easy customization.

Inject the complete range of FireMon network security automation capabilities within your existing resource provisioning, configuration management, and IT service management solutions.

Respond to security and compliance risk with greater agility than without API integrations or competitive solutions.

Complex, dynamic networks are driving demand for agility and intelligent automation in orchestrating change management.

FireMon helps you meet that demand.

FireMon is the only NSPM solutions to provide comprehensive, open-API access to its full platform, allowing integration of automated policy compliance and security checks into any system or workflow.

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