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Fueling Network Security with FireMon

Fueling Network Security with FireMon

Efficiently Manage Network Security and Compliance

Oil & Gas organization’s critical infrastructure and high-value assets make them prime targets for cyber-attacks, due to their vast networks which often span operation facilities and remote sites. In an industry where minor downtime can lead to significant financial losses and even environmental hazards, FireMon empowers organizations to maintain compliance, mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks, and avoid operational disruptions. 

Fueling Network Security with FireMon

Enforce Compliance


Reduction in time to create and deploy new firewall rules

From weeks to minutes

To implement policy changes


Accurate reporting eliminates errors

Streamlined Oil & Gas Compliance

Stay ahead of ever-changing Oil & Gas regulations with FireMon’s comprehensive compliance solution that simplifies and automates reporting, violation detection, and rule recertification at enterprise scale. 

  1. Oil & Gas Specific Compliance Reporting: FireMon provides built-in assessments including NIST, ISO 27001, NERC CIP, and GDPR, while supporting custom assessments using internal business policies, external frameworks, or industry best practices. 
  2. Real-time Violation Detection: Continuous network monitoring over your entire environment with automated alerts that detect violations as they happen, help prevent interruptions that could affect sales and customer confidence. 
  3. Customizable Growth: With performance verified to support 15 thousand devices and 25 million rules coupled with an API-first approach for easy integrations into SIEM, SOAR, vulnerability scanners, and ITSM solutions, FireMon has your current and future security environments covered. 

With FireMon’s network security and compliance management services, your Oil & Gas business stands to benefit from enhanced protection, improved efficiencies, and long-term savings. 

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Fueling Network Security with FireMon
Enhanced Retail Network Security Solutions

Reduce Risk in Your Environment

FireMon’s real-time policy change and violation detection provides instant and complete visibility into your network security posture, while catching threats before they become an issue. Decrease the risk in your environment, improve your security posture, prevent breaches, and avoid steep fines with FireMon’s real-time risk evaluation and alerts. 

Fueling Network Security with FireMon

Save Time and Eliminate Errors

FireMon’s automation capabilities save time and resources while eliminating opportunities for errors and misconfigurations. FireMon empowers your organization to maintain operational resilience while avoiding potential downtime and security gaps.

Fueling Network Security with FireMon

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