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Policy Manager

Consolidated ground to cloud firewall policy management

Complexity is Unavoidable. Headaches Don’t Have to Be.

The increasing complexity of networks, driven by the constant influx of cloud services, new devices, and applications, presents a daunting challenge for managing firewall policies and rules. A typical enterprise environment has millions of rules, and lack of complete visibility, leading to just one simple misconfiguration can lead to devastating consequences like compliance violations, outages, and data breaches.

FireMon Policy Manager

FireMon Policy Manager is a purpose-built network security policy management (NSPM) platform that automates the management of firewall and cloud security policies to increase visibility, eliminate policy-related risk, accurately and quickly change rules, and meet internal and external compliance requirements.  

  • Increase Visibility: Eliminate blind spots with a complete view of all firewall policies across the entire environment
  • Reduce Risk: Remediate policy related vulnerabilities with real-time visibility and control
  • Manage Change: Avoid misconfigurations, accelerate business, and improve security 
  • Enforce and Maintain Compliance: Avoid violations, avoid risk, and avoid fines 

Policy Manager Features

Real-Time Inventory of Devices and Rules

FireMon’s Policy Manager platform creates a centralized rule repository that automatically imports information that translates into a common, normalized rulebase, providing a comprehensive view of an organization’s security posture.  

  • Real-time single source of policy information 
  • Automatically identifies and imports information into a consolidated rule repository 
  • Support for over 80 vendors and versions for network policy normalization 

Search Across the Entire Environment

FireMon’s proprietary Security Intelligence Query Language (SiQL) enables fast and customizable search of network policies across various elements in the platform, including workflows and users, allowing searches of policies across their environment from a single console. 

  • Less than 10 seconds to return real-time results  
  • Fully customizable 
  • Powers customizable controls and rule review criteria 

Consolidated Compliance and Risk Assessments

FireMon’s unmatched reporting capabilities offer over 20 preconfigured compliance and assessment reports that can be customized, as well as access path analysis and “what if” attack assessments, with the option to integrate vulnerability scanner and risk/threat modeling for enhanced security. 

  • Over 500 preconfigured criteria checks 
  • Unified dashboard for an overall view of risk and compliance using FireMon’s Security Concern Index 
  • Vulnerability integrations including Qualys, Rapid7, and Tenable give deeper insights to policy-related risks 

Simplify Rule Creation and Updates

FireMon’s rule management tools simplify rule creation and updates by providing detailed recommendations on device changes needed to deploy new or update existing rules. By integrating with leading ITSM systems, this allows for automatic or manual changes during approved change windows, while evaluating them for risk and compliance violations before deployment.  

  • Workflows with intelligent rule recommendations 
  • Automatic rule evaluation tests for violations and risk before it’s deployed 
  • Make changes yourself or use FireMon’s optional automatic rule deployment 

Rule Review and Recertification

FireMon’s policy lifecycle management feature offers automated workflows for regular rule assessments, sends rule review emails to policy owners triggered by SiQL searches or periodic reviews, and allows recertification or decertification of the rule with flexible workflows that track all information needed for compliance audits. 

  • Event-based triggers and customizable workflows assign and notify owners of relevant policy violations and rule reviews 
  • Centralized audit tracking records all actions taken on a rule providing accurate compliance reporting 
  • Customizable rule treatment options allow for rule certification, decertification, or decommissioning, with option to automate decommissioning with our Change Management add-on 

API-First for Maximum Integration Flexibility

FireMon’s API-based integrations with various security vendors like IBM, Rapid 7, AWS and Azure, along with our API-first approach that exposes all platform elements and functionality via Swagger-based APIs, significantly reduce the need for professional services to set up our platform in your environment. 

  • Native and API-based integration with security vendors in the SIEM, SOAR, vulnerability detection, cloud, DevOps, ITSM, SASE, SD-WAN, networking, and endpoint categories 
  • API-first approach exposes platform element and functionality via Swagger-based APIs 

Architecture Built for Scale

FireMon’s Policy Manager is designed for complex enterprise environments achieved through a distributed architecture that separates the application, database, and data collectors on separate servers for seamless scalability. 

  • Purpose-built to address the needs of the most complex and demanding enterprise environments 
  • Every release certified to support 15,000 devices and 25 million rules 
  • Sub-10 second response times for search and report generation 

Policy Manager Features At-A-Glance

Policy Manager
Change Management
Rule Recertification
Vulnerability Management
Centralized rule repository
Multi-vendor rule normalization
Rule usage summary
Security Concern Index to measure risk over time
Control failure summary
Vulnerability assessment
Change history and documentation
SiQL Search
Preconfigured assessments
Customizable reporting
Preconfigured controls
Customizable controls
Access Path Analysis
What-if attack scenario simulations
Vulnerability scanner integration, including Qualys and Rapid7
Customizable rule creation/change workflows
Intelligent rule design recommendations
Pre-deployment compliance/risk assessments
Automatic rule deployment to devices
Customizable rule review workflows
Event-driven review triggers
ITSM integration; including ServiceNow
SIEM integration
SOAR integration
Swagger-based API integration

Use Cases

  • Policy Standardization and Optimization
  • Policy Creation and Management
  • Rule Recertification
  • Consolidated Compliance Reporting
  • Compliance and Risk Simulations
  • Risk Detection and Response

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