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Messy firewall rules get security professionals “grounded for life”

Hands up, whose firewall rules are a mess? Yes? Well, the good news (if it can be considered good news) is that you’re not alone, because 65% of your peers are in the same boat according to a survey carried out last month at Infosecurity [...]

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Tagging, It’s Not Just for Twitter Anymore

So much of the current industry buzz is about the promise of machine learning and artificial intelligence to finally win the security battle. From what I've seen, the near term promise of machine learning is to scale the human layer of data analysis for security. [...]

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Tired of fighting fires instead of doing real security work?

You aren’t alone! FireMon conducted a survey at Infosecurity Europe earlier this month, and I wish I could say the results were surprising. As a group, cyber security professionals are overworked, underutilized, and required to satisfy business and regulatory demands that are often in direct [...]

By |June 30th, 2016|Blog|1 Comment

FireMon Gets Cisco Firepower APIs

Cisco made a big announcement yesterday about the expansion of their partner ecosystem, and FireMon is thrilled to be a part of it. As part of their ongoing commitment toward openness and integration, they have enabled us to make use of Cisco Firepower’s “write” REST [...]

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For FireMon, the Channel Is as Important as Ever

It’s always exciting to hear that FireMon’s Ignite Partner Program is recognized from outside industry experts. In building an award winning program, the FireMon team and I have had many starts and stops along the way to success. Last year, about 20% of the total [...]

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Security Analytics Taxonomy

There’s a lot of buzz about, and interest in, security analytics. Security teams and vendors are exploring anything and everything that will accelerate threat detection and remediation, and ‘analytics’ intuitively feels like something organizations should be doing more. With the average breach taking 200+ days [...]

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10 Firewall Management Resolutions for the New Year

It’s the start of a new year, and the resolution talk is everywhere. Getting into shape – physically or maybe financially – usually lands at the top of people's lists. But you may want to look at getting your firewalls into shape as well. If [...]

Combating Firewall Complexity – Four Things You Need

Firewalls continue to play an important role in network security; however, firewall infrastructure has grown more and more complex, adding significant costs and increasing risk. According to FireMon’s 2015 State of the Firewall Report, 95% of surveyed security professionals indicated that firewalls remain as critical [...]

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Firewall Policy Compliance – Continuous Monitoring

Nearly every organization faces significant IT security compliance demands regardless of industry, with the goal of ensuring that mandated controls are always in place and that assessments are being performed with proscribed regularity. In addition to being a security best practice, continuous monitoring is one [...]

The Best of Firewall Management – Exporting Firewall Rules & Objects

In this series, FireMon leadership shares their favorite features of the latest release of our firewall management solution, Security Manager. Click Here to subscribe to the blog. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. One of the simplest but most requested features [...]