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Observations from RSA Conference 2017

Taking in all the RSA Conference has to offer and distilling it into one takeaway is a futile effort. I heard some of the brightest minds interpret what’s going on in the security space today how to solve for it. I also heard a lot [...]

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FireMon Leads Industry with Intelligent Security Management at RSA Conference 2017

Security management comes to the forefront at cybersecurity industry’s top annual conference, FireMon says it’s time to manage complexity by looking at security from a new angle. Booth #S1121, South Hall, Moscone Center, San Francisco February 13-16, 2017 SAN FRANCISCO, CA – February 14, 2017 [...]

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Never Underestimate the Power of a Misconfigured Firewall

Let’s talk about firewall misconfigurations. While on the surface, it’s not the most exciting of ways an organization can be breached (no secret spy work or insider meddling), but it’s an unfortunate fact that firewall misconfigurations are one of the primary causes of breaches to [...]

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FireMon Makes Automated Change Management Even Easier for Palo Alto Networks Customers

Enhancements to FireMon’s industry-leading Intelligent Policy Automation framework reduce time and mistakes associated with firewall policy changes OVERLAND PARK, KS and DALLAS, TX – January 31, 2017 – FireMon, the global leader in Network Security Policy Management (NSPM), today announced an extension of its Intelligent [...]

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Innovation at the Cost of Cyber Security? Not on Our Watch

According to a recent publication from The Hill, nearly half of all data breaches in 2016 were at US companies. The research by Risk Based Security notes that the US had 10 times more incidents than the second most breached country, the UK. That’s astounding. [...]

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INFOGRAPHIC: Improve Network Security and Staff Productivity with a Firewall Auditing Tool

In a study commissioned by FireMon, Forrester Consulting found that organizations with firewall auditing and configuration tools realize more benefits that those without. For the study, Forrester surveyed more than 188 IT security decision makers at US enterprise companies. Results show firms that have implemented [...]

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Firewall Efficacy Increased When Deployed with a Firewall Management Tool, FireMon Study Finds

59% of Organizations That Use Firewall Auditing and Configuration Tools Have Seen Fewer Breaches and 65% Have Increased Productivity OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS & DALLAS, TEXAS – Jan 25, 2017 – FireMon, the leader in Network Security Policy Management (NSPM), has released a commissioned study entitled [...]

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Setting Your Software Adoption Up for Success

In the world of enterprise software, often a lot of money, time and effort go into getting the customer to make the initial purchase. The software then gets implemented, a training session may take place and the purchaser checks the “satisfied” box. It all sounds [...]

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Security Intelligence Must Mature – Part 2

In Part 1, we explored how incident response (IR) is still in a primitive state. IR is primitive because it has not fully adopted knowledge-driven measures. Security professionals manually sift through disparate data sources, make decision slowly, and those decisions are limited. In this section, [...]

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Security Intelligence Must Mature: Moving Toward a Knowledge-Driven Method for Incident Response

When you have a conversation with security leaders and take notice of what’s generally high on their list of concerns, incident response tends to be near the top. Though, it’s not necessarily the tactical response of today, but instead the continued emphasis to evolve incident [...]

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