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FireMon Integrations

Firewall and cloud support is crucial to a security policy management platform, but so is integrating into your security operations environment. atform, but so is integrating into your security operations environment. 

Native integration with over 100 vendors and versions including top firewall and networking providers 

Firewall and cloud support is crucial to a security policy management platform, but so is integrating into your security operations environment. FireMon’s native and API-based integrations span all the latest third-party security tools including IT service management such as ServiceNow, SOAR platforms such as Cortex from Palo AltoSEIM platforms such as Splunk, and vulnerability scanners from Qualys, Tenable and Rapid7. 



FireMon offers a multi-pronged approach combining automation and deep integration with ITSM tools to enrich workflows with network knowledge, impact analysis, and remediation data with insights. This automated approach ensures changes to the network infrastructure are seamless and secure.

  • Utilize existing workflows to save time, resources and speed adoption
  • Seamless integrations remove operational silos across different systems
  • RESTful architecture with built-in Swagger for inline experimenting



The FireMon security policy platform enhances your existing SIEM and SOAR solutions to reduce complexity and human error. FireMon’s APIs allow these platforms to aggregate and share data for reporting, visualization, correlation, and alerting. 

  • Faster and continuous access to changes in security configurations across the entire environment
  • Embed security to govern and control all the moves, adds, and changes to the network
  • Simplify security operations with the addition of FireMon automation for faster remediation
  • Transform complex and disparate data into actionable real-time insights to accelerate threat detection and analysis


Vulnerability Scanners

Add additional insights to network policy vulnerabilities with support for the industry’s leading risk scanning services. 

  • Incorporate risks feeds from Qualys, Rapid7, and Tenable
  • Combines real-time network configuration with vulnerability scan data to measure risk and visualize potential attack penetration
  • Provides additional context for vulnerabilities including CVE, CVSS, effects, and services affected

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