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Risk Analyzer

Detect risk through real-time attack surface visibility, simulation, and risk scoring. 

Find Vulnerabilities Before They Find You.

As networks become more complex and the number of vulnerabilities to be discovered and patched continue to multiply, it’s increasingly difficult to get a true assessment of your security risk. Without 100% network visibility and the ability to run attack and change simulations across multi-vendor, hybrid environments, organizations struggle to accurately analyze and improve their overall network risk exposure.

Risk Analyzer for FireMon Security Manager

The Risk Analyzer module for Security Manager provides best-in-class vulnerability management by correlating third-party vulnerability data with network policy, evaluating network risk, and uncovering potential attack paths. Using real-time visibility into network risk posture, Risk Analyzer simulates potential attacks, calculates attack vectors, predicts potential damage, then displays the results in an easy-to-understand user dashboard. Extensive scenario testing helps prioritize vulnerability patching by allowing security teams to simulate patch deployments to determine the impacts to the overall network risk posture.

  • Consolidated policy risk assessment and reporting with custom and best practices reports
  • Risk and threat modeling including attack simulations, change risk simulations, and leak-path detection
  • Pre-flight risk checks by automatically scanning for risk prior to change deployment
  • Real-time risk detection and response through violation detection, alerts, and mitigation strategy
Risk Analyzer Features
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    Attack and Change Simulations

    Run attack and patch simulations to analyze overall network vulnerability and assist in rule design.

    • Analyze risk attack vectors and perform “what-if” scenarios to identify critical attack vectors
    • Visual attack paths and zero-day attack graphs trace the possible paths an attacker might use across the network layout
    • Uncover hidden paths that can be exploited
    • Simulate system patches to determine the impact of proposed changes prior to deployment
    • Assess and communicate risk associated with new access requests

    “What if” Attack Assessments

    Evaluate the impact of exploits and view recommended patches.
    • Risk attack reports are scored on penetration depth, ease of exploiting the vulnerability, and business impact of the hypothetical breach
    • Real-time risk dashboard displays prioritized remediation recommendations to help
    • Identify where you can stop an attack with the least amount of time and effort

    Vulnerability Scanner Integrations

    Add additional insights to vulnerabilities with support for the industry’s leading risk scanning services.

    • Integrate risks feeds from Qualys, Rapid7 and Tenable
    • Combines real-time network configuration with vulnerability scan data to measure risk and visualize potential attack penetration
    • Provides additional context for vulnerabilities including CVE, CVSS, effects, and services affected


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