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Cloud Defense

Real-time cloud compliance, inventory, misconfiguration, and threat detection.
Now with proactive IAM defense.

Pragmatic CSPM for Security Operations

Simple doesn’t scale. As organizations continue to adopt cloud services, security complexity increases exponentially. Managing compliance, maintaining inventory, tracking changes, reducing misconfigurations, all while handling threats and users is a massive challenge. Organizations need tools that support cloud security operations across decentralized cloud teams and operations.

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FireMon Cloud Defense

Understand More:

FireMon Cloud Defense is designed to get you the information you need to understand your security and compliance risks, without flooding you with noise.

Communicate Better:

Our deep ChatOps integration is built to meet the needs of decentralized cloud operations. Issues are routed directly to the teams who can respond to them while keeping security in the loop.

Remediate Faster:

Our event-driven automation engine can fix issues automatically or use our ChatOps integration to embed guidance and 1-click actions for a human decision.

FireMon Cloud Defense Features

Real-Time Cloud Posture, Inventory, and Change Tracking

FireMon Cloud Defense natively monitors API activity in your cloud deployments, updates inventory, and runs security and compliance assessments in real-time to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

  • A searchable cloud asset inventory with a full change history including which IAM entity made the change
  • Highly customizable real-time security assessments to detect misconfigurations based on the classification of the environment
  • Continuous compliance tracking and reporting with environment filtering and compensating controls
  • An intelligent issues feed integrated with inventory to direct you to the problems and resources that matter most

Cloud Native Threat Detection and Response

Instantly detect potential malicious activity and generate enriched alerts to help discern between external attacks, malicious insiders, or innocent mistakes.

  • Cloud threat detectors that monitor real-time API activity
  • Automatic enrichment, including resource and posture information, to speed up analysis and investigation
  • Filter issues and alerts for different projects, deployments, and environments to reduce false positives and alert fatigue
  • Improves your cloud provider’s native security alerts with integrated enrichment, filtering, and routing

Authorization Control to Reduce Identity Risks

Eliminate the need for static credentials or long-term permissions with just-in-time approvals, out-of-band visibility, and session restrictions.

  • Integrates with your existing identity provider. FireMon has no access to identities or credentials
  • Users request authorization using ChatOps or a web console for frictionless approvals
  • Advanced options for single or multiple approvers, and self or automatic approvals to balance speed and security
  • Supports multiple policies, source IP restrictions, variable session length, and other variables to reduce IAM risks
  • All activity is logged and feeds into ChatOps for high visibility and accountability

How Authorization Control Works

Deep ChatOps Integration to Bridge Silos

Bridge the communication gap between decentralized cloud operations teams, ensuring effective security across teams for rapid assessment, response, and remediation of misconfigurations and attacks.

  • Full Slack and Teams support for notifications and actions
  • Advanced routing so teams only see the issues regarding their deployments, while security still monitors everything
  • Notifications are enriched with enhanced information and options for 1-click remediations right in the channel
  • Security can easily coordinate with cloud teams in ChatOps for rapid investigation and response

Event-Driven Automation and Assisted Remediation

FireMon Cloud Defense uses an advanced, event-driven, serverless architecture to send notifications and take actions at the speed of your cloud platform.

  • Alerts route instantly, appearing in less than 30 seconds on AWS or GCP and within 2 minutes on Azure
  • Support for fully automated remediations that apply only to the deployments you designate
  • All ChatOps notifications can include defined or recommended 1-click remediations to let an administrator make the decision
  • Integrate with third-party systems to create tickets or trigger external workflows

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