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Asset Manager

Formerly Lumeta
Real-time network device discovery, identification, and threat detection

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t See

As your organization grows, so does the risk of introducing gaps in network visibility. Whether through mergers and acquisitions, network upgrades, a cloud migration, or address changes, can you be sure you’re maintaining 100% visibility?

Asset visibility is a critical component of effective cybersecurity and network management, yet it presents numerous challenges for organizations.

The dynamic nature of IT environments, with assets constantly being added, removed, or modified, makes it difficult to maintain an accurate and comprehensive inventory. This is compounded by the presence of shadow IT, where unauthorized devices and software are used without the knowledge of IT departments, further obscuring visibility.

FireMon Asset Manager

FireMon Asset Manager provides real-time active, passive, and targeted network and device discovery to detect unknown, rogue, shadow clouds, network infrastructure, and endpoints in the enterprise.

  • Reduce Risk: Accurately detect and identify assets and networks to secure your environment
  • Improve Operational Efficiency: Enrich asset data in systems of record, reduce time and resources, and accelerate business
  • Achieve and Maintain Compliance: Streamline asset inventory for accurate compliance reporting

FireMon Asset Manager Features

Real-Time Network and Device Discovery

FireMon Asset Manager provides a comprehensive inventory of all L2 and L3 devices in on-premises and cloud environments, with automatic device profiling and various discovery methods used to identify endpoints, routers, switches, and OT/IoT devices.

  • Active, passive, and targeted discovery including WMI, OSPF, SNMP, and outside-in leak path detection
  • Automatic device profile information with ability to add custom details
  • Support for cloud, virtual, physical, SDN, and more

Comprehensive Asset Identification

Asset Manager provides automatic device profiling and custom details to manage assets in various environments, enriched by external data integrations, and enhances capabilities with SOAR and vulnerability scanner integrations for faster response to potential threats.

  • Graphical representation of L2/L3 devices and connections
  • Easy-to-use navigation tools for deeper inspection of networks and individual elements
  • Customizable tools for grouping and highlighting by attributes, devices, OS, or vendor

Integration Across Your Environment

Asset Manager offers the most robust, flexible API to share accurate asset knowledge with other sources, improving data fidelity, operational intelligence, and protecting your environment. 

  • Integrates with leading CMDB, vulnerability scanner, network modeling/simulation, SOAR, and ITSM solutions 
  • Enhance existing security investments with accurate and fact-based intelligence

Security Management and Perimeter Breach Detection

Asset Manager offers a complete view of the network, allowing for consistent enforcement of device policies and network security, and provides instant notification for policy violations, network vulnerability assessments, and leak detection between networks.

  • Identify devices such as PCs, laptops and smartphones that violate enterprise and network policies
  • Find ingress and egress points on your network
  • Cross-zone leak detection to test connectivity and security between networks

Comprehensive Reporting and Alerts

FireMon Asset Manager enables real-time detection of anomalies and violations, and offers preconfigured and customizable reports, custom notifications, and integrations to enhance capabilities, as well as network connectivity vulnerability and compliance testing.

  • Continuous assessment of network activity
  • Custom notifications, thresholds, prioritization, and integrations tailor alerts for any workflow
  • SIEM integration using common-event format (CEF) logging

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