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Policy Planner

Automate change management to eliminate errors and increase business agility.

Change Policies, Not Your Security Posture.

The overwhelming majority of firewall and cloud security breaches stem from misconfigurations, not the controls themselves. Beyond introducing opportunities for error and expanding the threat surface, manual change management processes for complex on-premises and cloud environments are resource-intensive and hinder business agility.

Policy Planner for FireMon Security Manager

The Policy Planner module for Security Manager is a network security automation and orchestration tool that controls the entire change management process while providing analysis, recommendations, and compliance checks prior to implementation. Proposed changes are automatically analyzed and checked against pertinent compliance and best practice guidelines. Rule recommendations compare existing rulesets against proposed changes to eliminate redundancy or duplicate access. With Policy Planner, reviewers can see access paths, vulnerabilities, and even audit results prior to pushing a rule live.

  • Automated change management across the entire rule lifecycle, improving administration efficiency
  • Real time risk assessment gives instant visibility into potential issues
  • Rule set behavior analysis reduces complexity and increases efficiency
  • Pre-flight compliance and best practice checks ensure rules comply prior to implementation
  • Comprehensive policy automation allows organizations to automate at their own pace and confidence level
  • Business process integration allows Policy Planner to integrate with your existing process management solutions including ServiceNow and Remedy
Policy Planner Features
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    Policy Creation Workflow Automation

    Minimize the opportunity for error and drastically increase speed with security policy orchestration across the entire rule creation and change management process.

    • Firewall rule automation for change commands, and changes to network, service, and group objects
    • Stage planned rules on a device from within the Policy Planner security automation module
    • Track comments, attachments, task history, and complete detail of all actions that occurred on a ticket
    • When paired with Policy Optimizer, rule decommissioning can be completely automated

    Real Time Risk Assessment and Compliance Checks

    Comprehensive analysis of proposed changes detects when new access will uncover vulnerable systems or increase the risk profile.

    • Real-time detection of vulnerable systems being uncovered by proposed changes
    • Pre-change analysis evaluated proposed changes for impacts to security, device complexity, and rule risk for the device in question
    • Proactively analyze proposed changes for compliance with regulatory and business requirements

    Proactive Rule Analysis and Recommendations

    Determine if proposed changes are unnecessary or redundant in real time through automated analysis of existing rulesets.

    • Automated analysis of existing ruleset behavior with real-time recommendation to changes
    • Review which devices and policy rules may need to be modified to implement a requested change
    • Recommendations provided on potential actions to take on both the rule and the object
    • Device groups can be configured using different sets of rule checks

    Comprehensive Business Process Integration

    Integrate seamlessly with existing process management solutions to ensure the right teams are involved.
    • Policy Planner adheres to Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) best practices
    • Integrate with a range of ITSM such as ServiceNow and Remedy to automate review by all applicable teams
    • Full-text search capabilities and ad-hoc queries based on any ticketing requirements-related fields
    • Full customization for change request forms and controls to meet organizational needs


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