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FireMon has been at the forefront of the security management category, delivering first-ever functionality such as firewall behavior testing, workflow integration, traffic flow analysis and rule recertification. Our solutions have helped more than 1,700 organizations around the world gain visibility into and control over their complex network security infrastructures.

Award Winning Services

Our History

*Starred Text = First-to-Market feature

March 2001

FireMon 1.0 released
(Part of FishNet Security)
*Change detection and reporting


FireMon 2.5
*Compliance analysis
*Policy test (behavior analysis)


FireMon technology transferred from FishNet to newly-incorporated Secure Passage

*Change detection and reporting


FireMon 3.0
*Policy normalizationa common policy schema for all firewall vendors
*Rule usage analysis
*Change alerting


FireMon 4.0
*Object usage analysis
*Enterprise Scalability via distributed data collectors


FireMon 5.0
*Traffic Flow Analysis
*PCI Compliance Reporting
*Rule documentation


Secure Passage rebranded to FireMon
*Network mapping and modeling


FireMon 6.0
*Attack graph analysis
*Policy Planner Change Workflow with Rule Recommendation


FireMon 7.0
*Policy Optimizer


Insight Venture partners investment


FireMon 8.0
*Security intelligence Query Language


Acquired Lumeta
*Compliance analysis
*Policy test (behavior analysis)


FireMon 9.0


*Change detection and reporting


Acquired DisruptOps
*Compliance analysis
*Policy test (behavior analysis)

Management Team

Jody Brazil

Chief Executive Officer
Entrepreneur with decades of executive management experience

Donald Klumb

Chief Financial Officer
Veteran CFO with 30 years in financial and corporate leadership

Brian Keets

Chief Revenue Officer
Driving growth and leading sales and operation teams for more than 20 years

Jeremy Martin

Chief Technology Officer
Expertise in building high-performing product development and engineering teams with over 20 years of experience.

Jeffery Styles

Chief Customer Officer
Trusted Security Advisor, Customer Advocate, USMC Veteran with 25 years in Cybersecurity.

Rich Mogull

SVP Cloud Security
Security expert and researcher with over 25 years of experience.

Kristen Twining

SVP of Sales, Americas
A customer-centric sales leader with over 17 years of experience, specializing in building, leading, and developing best-in-class sales organizations.

Mark Byers

VP of Marketing
B2B marketing leader with over 30 years experience in cybersecurity, SaaS, IAM, and telecommunications

Justin Stouder

General Manager FireMon Asset Manager
Servant leader with over twenty years experience building world-class software development and operations organizations.

Nicole Stavroff

VP of Worldwide Channels
Channel and partner sales leader with over 20 years of experience.

Work at FireMon

At FireMon, you’ll find a disruptive, cutting-edge environment. It’s a place where being proactive is rewarded and each day is more innovative than the last. This drive permeates everything we do – from how we develop our products to how we engage with our customers and how we get things done day to day.

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