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Improved Visibility & Security Posture through Automation

After suffering a rattling security event, the retail company quickly realized their lack of visbility, automation, and risk management within thier network security workflows left them in a vulnerable position for another attack to occur. The company looked to FireMon to provide enhanced visibility into their entire network infrastructure, ensure policy changes do not expose vulnerabilities, and significantly enhance their security posture.

Use Cases

Manage Change
Enforce Compliance

Industry: Retail


Visibility across a multi-vendor hybrid environment

Weeks to minutes

To implement policy changes


Of complaince checks and firewall rules automated

The Challenge

Time-consuming manual processes, lack of visibility into their 5K+ device, multi-vendor hybrid environment, and inconsistent policy management made it impossible to maintain compliance while monitoring their security posture in real-time. This left the company open to potential breaches, outages, and fines.

The company sought to:

  • Gain 100% visibility of network firewalls across their multi-vendor hybrid environments from a single management console
  • Achieve continuous monitoring and audit preparedness of firewall operations
  • Clean and reduce their large rule base that consisted of redundant, overly-permissive, and shadowed rules
  • Implement a seamless, flexible change automation workflow to abolish their lengthy manual-processes

About the Company

A North American Fortune 500 grocery company with over 2,200 physical stores.

The Solution

After running successful tests that proved FireMon had significant technical advantages over competitors, FireMon’s network security policy management solutions provided the company with 100% visibility, accurate change automation and reporting, and fulfilled every requirement necessary to meet the company’s firewall policy related needs.

  • Single pane-of-glass console for unified visibility and unified management
  • Policy standardization and optimization identified and cleaned redundant, overly-permissive, and shadowed rules
  • A complete suite of rule assessment tools that detect vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and traffic paths to continuously monitor firewall operations
  • Benchmarks for network security policy with custom business risk policy and best practice reports
  • Preconfigured and ad hoc compliance/audit reports, and on-demand and scheduled risk reports, and on-demand, scheduled, and real-time (on change) compliance reports

“FireMon ensures that not a single policy change goes unnoticed or introduces vulnerabilities. Our security posture, once a concern, is now a point of pride.”

Head of Security EngineeringManaging the selection and deployment of FireMon


  • 100% visibility across their hybrid multi-vendor environment
  • Improved security posture through real-time, continuous monitoring of all devices in a single location
  • Reduced risk by removing redundant, overlapping, or unused rules
  • Automation of firewall policy changes reduced from 8 weeks to minutes

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