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Customer Success Training

Agile NSPM is the new way secure your network, adapt to change, and radically improve efficiency. Join FireMon’s Customer Success Trainings to ensure you achieve the full benefits of Agile NSPM.

Trainings by Use Case:

On-Demand Training

Risk Management

Attack Simulations and Threat Modeling

Risk Management

Manage Policy Risk with Real-Time Evaluation

Continuous Compliance

What’s Coming in v9.6

Change Automation, Continuous Compliance

Rule Creation & Deployment

Change Automation

Rule Review & Recertification

Change Automation

Make It Simple Part 3 – Conquer Complexity with Automation

Change Automation, Risk Management

Make It Simple Part 2 – Cloud Environments

Make It Simple Part 1 – Rule Review

Firewall Cleanup & Rule Review

Preventing Misconfigurations

Continuous Compliance

Proactive Compliance

Securing the Cloud

Change Automation

Security Policy Change Management

Change Automation

Rule Recertification

FireMon v9.5 – What’s Coming

Continuous Compliance

PCI Made Simple