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What Makes us Different?

Proven Performance at Enterprise Scale

FireMon’s Security Manager, Asset Manager, and Cloud Defense are built to handle the needs of the largest organizations. Our Security Manager NSPM solution was architected specifically for the policy complexities faced by enterprises with verified support for 15,000 devices and over 25 million rules. Asset Manager and Cloud Defense are both SaaS offerings with nearly unlimited expansion capabilities that can support any environment. 

Features Designed for Complex Environments

All of FireMon’s solutions are designed to neatly weave into an organization’s environment and offer tools that make it easier to manage. All products offer flexible API-based and native integrations that support many other security technologies including SIEM, SOAR, ITSM, and risk scanners. Our customization frameworks can be tailored to nearly any reporting or workflow requirement without excessive professional services fees. 

A Complete Solution

Our outcomes-based approach ensures you get everything you need to accomplish the tasks at hand. Security Manager is the only NSPM solution that offers robust risk management, change automation, rule lifecycle reviews, and compliance reporting in a single platform that supports devices anywhere on a network from on-premises environments to the cloud. Combined with Asset Manager and Cloud Defense, organizations can include device discovery and CSPM from a single vendor. 

Your Success is Our Success

FireMon is committed to ensuring our customers get the value they expect and more. Our world-class customer support team gets an organization up and running quickly and is there when needed should any problems arise. On-going education along with periodic health and architecture reviews ensure the FireMon solution is up to date with everything in the environment and running smoothly. 

Innovation and Leadership

We created network security policy management over 20 years ago. Our 2018 acquisition of Lumeta has also given us bragging rights to the legacy of the first internet mapping technology created by Lucent Technologies in the 1990s. FireMon’s culture of innovation continues today with a research-driven, customer-center technology vision and product roadmap. Backed by Insight Partners, FireMon is ready to take on the security challenges of tomorrow. 

Effective Policy Management

Watch how FireMon can help you solve your most complex security policy operations challenges 

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