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Your Key to Uncompromised Network Security and Compliance in Healthcare

Efficiently Manage Network Security and Compliance

The healthcare industry is a frequent target for cyberattacks due to the valuable personal and medical data it holds, where ransomware attacks, data breaches, and other cyber threats pose significant risks. With an increasing threat landscape and ever-changing regulatory requirements like HIPAA and HITRUST, healthcare companies need robust network security solutions. FireMon offers the answer.

Our solutions are designed to enhance network security, manage compliance, and provide real-time visibility and control. With FireMon, you can proactively identify and respond to threats, efficiently manage firewalls and security policies, and conduct comprehensive risk assessments.

In addition to protecting your current environment, FireMon’s scalable, flexible, and customizable solutions are built to grow alongside your organization. With FireMon, safeguard your valuable patient data against ransomware attacks, data breaches, and other cyber threats.


Enforce Compliance


Not days to create on-demand custom reports


Accurate reporting eliminates errors


Faster rule review and recertification through automation

Why Choose FireMon?

FireMon’s consolidated compliance reporting supports custom assessments using internal business policies or external frameworks. Our platform offers real-time violation detection, rule lifecycle management, and advanced risk and threat modeling.

And the price of non-compliance? With potential HIPAA and PCI DSS violation fines running into hundreds of thousands of dollars per incident, can you afford not to invest in a comprehensive and proven network security solution?

Network Security and Compliance with FireMon - Real-Time Compliance Management at Scale

Built for Healthcare Compliance Reporting

FireMon is purpose-built for healthcare compliance reporting. With 12 built-in compliance reports including HIPAA, HITRUST, and PCI DSS, support for custom assessments using internal policies or external frameworks, as well as over 500 customizable controls that can be customized using SiQL native query language, FireMon ensures you stay ahead of the latest regulatory requirements.

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Network Security and Compliance with FireMon - Real-Time Compliance Management at Scale

Real-Time Compliance Management at Scale

With FireMon, utilize real-time reporting, violation detection, and search capabilities in any environment. Our compliance management has been verified to support 15K devices and 25M rules.

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