FireMon Solutions for Managed Service Providers

To exploit security market dynamics, MSPs need to create new offerings to aid the customer journey to the cloud, while ensuring recurring routes to market that maintain competitive advantage. FireMon delivers essentials MSPs need for cloud migration, policy orchestration and automation, auditing and visibility.

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Essentials for Cloud Migration, Policy Automation and Network Visibility Auditing

Essentials for Cloud Migration, Policy Automation and Network Visibility Auditing

Demand for managed security services will continue to rise as the growing complexity of network infrastructure, IoT and hybrid cloud environments challenges the enterprise attack surface. Armed with the scalable platform to manage large, complex, on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud network environments, FireMon provides the route to market for large Managed Service Providers to drive client success with the services needed for today’s networks. From managed firewall services, rule assessments, and scalable multi-tenant automated policy management, FireMon helps MSPs become agile enough to keep pace that propels growth.

FireMon Solutions for Managed Service Providers

Cloud Migration

MSPs must help define security architectures and provide a cost-effective means of securing clouds and endpoints. Equipped with the award-winning Network Security Policy Management platform in Security Manager, FireMon provides comprehensive security, visibility, and control of customer endpoints without added hardware or complexity across all environments – on-premise to the cloud.

Security policies must follow workloads dynamically as they spin up, down or migrate. FireMon gives MSPs the ability to establish security policies anywhere across the network. Instantly change controls and push rules to firewalls, Layer-3 devices, cloud and virtual enforcement points. FireMon helps MSPs rapidly respond and meet compliance requirements on the path to unlock unparalleled business growth.

Comprehensive Policy Automation

Audits and Threat Management

FireMon provides unmatched real-time visibility even to previously unknown parts of the network. With ready out-of-the-box reporting, MSPs can ensure client compliance and potential threat vectors. FireMon discovers everything on a network – all infrastructure, connections, endpoints and potential leak paths – across traditional, virtual and cloud environments

FireMon offers MSPs the analytics and visualizations to drive automation in security operations workflow. Armed with analytics to understand changes as they occur and identify connections hiding in complex environments and remove leak-paths, MSPs can now combine vulnerability management with network policy.

Analytics and Visualization

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FireMon solutions blend powerful, real-time security analysis with automated workflows to deliver field-tested, cloud-secured network security policy management for hybrid enterprises. See for yourself.