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FireMon + ServiceNow

Comprehensive IT service management to reduce risk, move faster, and stay ahead

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Improve security efficiency, responsiveness, and visibility by integrating network security workflows with ServiceNow

FireMon + ServiceNow

Simplify & Automate Firewall Policy Management

Organizations utilize ITSM tools such as ServiceNow to efficiently handle changes across their entire infrastructure stack, however, these tools lack native Network Security Policy Management (NSPM) capabilities that are fundamental in reducing attack surface, maintaining and achieving continuous compliance, and efficient policy management. Leveraging NSPM with ServiceNow can prevent a poor security posture, failed audits, and eliminate manual workflow processes. That’s where FireMon Policy Planner comes in – a must have tool for ServiceNow users to effectively automate change requests directly and eliminate delays during the change control process from ServiceNow. With Policy Planner and ServiceNow users can easily create a firewall change request directly from ServiceNow  

The FireMon-ServiceNow partnership enables companies to effectively manage the complexity of firewall change requests to: 

  • Automate change requests on firewall and eliminate delays during the change control process request from ServiceNow 
  • Create firewall change requests in one place 
  • Enable continuous interaction between end users and IT Teams  
  • Extend ServiceNow management to firewall rules and network security policies 
Reduce Risk
  • Criteria-based ticket creation for vulnerability remediation or other security services 
  • Eliminate costly firewall misconfigurations 
  • Apply assessments to proposed rule changes prior to implementation 
Move Faster
  • 1 centralized location for a single source of truth in rule maintenance  
  • Alerts directly to those who need them (routing managerial approval) 
  • Rejection and closure of tickets if the access requested is already available 
Stay Ahead
  • Reduce cost by increasing team efficiency with optimized workflows for rules and policies 
  • Improve security operations with change workflow consistency 
  • Significantly reduce firewall change request turn-around times and increase customer satisfaction   

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