FireMon + Microsoft Azure

Manage native Microsoft Azure and other public cloud security policies across accounts, subscriptions, virtual machines, and security groups in the Azure Virtual Network.

Hyper Scale Security for your Hyper Scalable Clouds

The FireMon + Microsoft Azure Advantage:

  • Global Visibility and Control
    Gain 100% visibility across your entire hybrid environment
  • Centralized Control
    Use a single platform for cloud and on-premises security
  • Secure Deployments
    Deploy and migrate applications and workloads to Microsoft Azure securely
  • Cross-Platform Access Management
    Manage access and control privileges to both cloud and on-premises workloads
  • Scale and Pace Alignment
    Deploy robust security at the pace and scale demanded by cloud architectures
  • Accelerated Rule Creation
    Rapidly create rules to manage specific traffic types based on the traffic’s protocol, ports, sources, and destinations
  • Global Consistency
    Configure consistent, global security and access control rules

Unleash the full potential of Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft Azure Integration Brief

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