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Hybrid Cloud Visibility and Compliance

Already at a breaking point in trying to keep up with the management of their on-premises firewalls, the customer knew they couldn’t manage the expansion of policy management for Azure and Zscaler without a sizable increase in IT resources and headcount. FireMon gave them the visibility and control they needed to manage their entire environment from a single console and delivered substantial cost savings.

Industry: Manufacturing


Annual cost savings with FireMon compared to manual processes


First year ROI


Additional headcount no longer needed for rule changes and compliance audits.

The Challenge

The company realized that increasing environmental complexity and change would soon overwhelm their current approach to managing network security policy. They lacked visibility and consistent policy management across a hybrid cloud environment with an array of policy enforcement points from different vendors including Zscaler, Azure, and Check Point. Additionally, continuing manual audit preparation, compliance, and rule management would have required expanding from 2 to 7 full-time employees to meet their growing needs. The company sought to:

  • Gain a comprehensive view of policy across all devices across Check Point, Azure and Zscaler
  • Automate audit preparation, ensuring continuous compliance
  • Eliminate manual firewall rule audit policy and rule changes
  • Gain consistent policy management across a hybrid cloud environment
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About the Company

A publicly-traded, global manufacturer and distributor of spices, seasoning mixes, and condiments.

The Solution

With FireMon Security Manager, the company gained real-time visibility, control, and management capabilities for all network security devices across its hybrid cloud environment.

  • Single pane-of-glass console for unified visibility and unified management
  • Managing policy for Zscaler and Azure cloud environments alongside traditional Check Point on-premises firewalls
  • Policy standardization and automation tools simplified and decreased the time to create and deploy rules
  • Continuous compliance checks and automated custom firewall policy reporting simplified the audit process, increased accuracy, and eliminated need to hire additional headcount
  • Real-time network configurations, firewall policies, and router table visibility

“The ROI of going with FireMon was a real eye-opener for us. After learning how much we’d save by automating our manual processes and gaining realtime, single pane-of-glass management across our entire network, including Zscaler, it was an absolute no brainer.”

Manager of IT Security Engineering


  • $1 million annual cost savings with FireMon compared to manual processes
  • 81% total time reduction for compliance tasks with automated compliance reporting
  • Automation of policy changes streamlined remediation processes and shortened time to mitigate violations
  • No longer need to hire or outsource 5 additional security engineers to manage rule changes and conduct compliance audits
  • Infrastructure is now future proof; able to accommodate hundreds of planned Zscaler instances
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