Continuous Compliance

Evolving regulatory and internal security policy requirements can make it a struggle to maintain compliance, especially for large organizations with multiple locations, IT environments, and security vendors. Fines and lawsuits from compliance violations are always on your horizon, so your best defense is real-time analysis and alerting. FireMon provides you with real-time compliance assessments and automates the rule review, recertification and documentation process.

How FireMon Helps You Achieve Continuous Compliance

Reports Library

Streamline Reporting

FireMon provides out-of-the-box and customizable assessments to help you ensure compliance to regulatory bodies or internal best practices. Out-of-the-box reporting includes most common compliance standards including those based on PCI-DSS, NERC-CIP, GDPR, and others. Our customization engine ensures that the assessments and reports are tailor-made for your needs.

Receive Alerts in Real-time

You need to know if the number of changes in your network are increasing or decreasing. With FireMon’s Security Concern Index (SCI), you can get a global view across your multiple devices to see which rules need immediate attention due to compliance violations. You can look at SCI assessment trends as well as devices with a critical SCI and rules with critical control failures.

Compare Configs

Automate Rule Review

FireMon enables you to automatically identify rules that require immediate analysis based on real-world events. Event-driven rules are analyzed on criteria including time-frame expiration, critical security control failure, periodic review or ad-hoc query to determine the appropriate remediation.

Audit Rule Efficiency

FireMon provides documentation of rule recertification and justification to aid in compliance audits. You can review detailed information regarding each reviewed rule with the option to approve or reject current rule configurations. You can work with your business teams to remove non-compliant rules that can impede firewall performance and cause service interruptions to establish a baseline for best practices.

Compliance Tab
Automate Rule Removal

Automate Rule Removal

FireMon can automatically create tickets for rule removal following review through integration with Policy Planner. We can help you review, amend and decommission policies as your business needs evolve or when critical threats arise. You can customize your rule review by date, event, detected threat, etc.

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