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FireMon + Fortinet

Comprehensive firewall rule management to reduce risk, manage change, and enforce compliance

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Manage policy through a single interface – across Fortinet, traditional and cloud-based firewalls, and cloud security groups


Simplify & Automate Firewall Policy Management

As enterprise networks become more complex with new devices and cloud services, managing firewall and security policies using manual tools is becoming increasingly difficult. This often leads to compliance violations, misconfigurations, and data breaches. That’s where FireMon Security Manager comes in – a must-have tool for ForitGate and FortiManager users to effectively manage policies, minimize policy-related risks, make accurate rule changes, and meet internal and external compliance requirements.

The FireMon-Fortinet partnership enables companies to effectively manage the complexity of firewall policies to:

  • Reduce policy related risk by finding high-risk vulnerabilities embedded in firewall policies
  • Manage firewall rule changes and policies that span Fortinet and devices from other vendors
  • Achieve and maintain compliance of firewall policies with internal and external standards
  • Migrate Firewall policy to Fortinet devices or to the cloud to simplify rule review, cleaning, and staging for migration
  • Manage multi-vendor firewall policy by gathering devices and policies across the entire environment with built-in support for over 80 vendors

Reduce Risk

FireMon complements Fortinet FortiManager by offering real-time risk evaluation, to find high-risk vulnerabilities, and alerts to detect vulnerabilities in the environment.

  • Risk and threat modeling evaluates the impact of exploits and displays recommended patches
  • Risk guardrails review proposed policy changes to ensure new risks aren’t introduced
  • Vulnerability scanner integration give deeper insights to policy-related risks

Manage Change

FireMon gathers rules and policies from every firewall across the environment and stores them in a centralized rule repository. With this customers can:

  • Detect new policies and changes to existing policies with real-time change monitoring
  • Automate rule change workflows that span the entire rule creation and change process
  • Policy change automation recommends rules and can optionally deploy them to devices across the network

Achieve and Maintain Compliance

Enforce security and compliance across a range of network devices, whether an entire network is 100% FortiGate and FortiManager devices, or a combination of various vendors. With FireMon, customers can:

  • Produce accurate compliance reports in minutes
  • Access built-in reports for standards including PCI-DSS, NERC-CIP, NIST, and GDPR
  • Identify policy violation in existing rules and catch new ones before they’re deployed
  • Automate rule reviews and recertification

Key Features

  • Policy Management Real-time centralized repository of firewalls, rules, and policies that spans the entire environment including the cloud
  • Advanced Search Security Intelligence Query Language (SiQL) searches for any device, policy, or rule
  • Rule Base Compliance Consolidated compliance and risk assessments with over 20 preconfigured reports
  • Custom Queries 500+ controls and ability to create new ones using custom queries
  • Change Tracking Intelligent rule design and change workflows with optional ITSM integration
  • Rule Review Rule review and recertification for complete rule lifecycle policy management
  • API First Every platform available via APIs and over 100 native integrations
  • Scalability Architected for scale and reliability in any size environment

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