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Healthcare companies have a responsibility to protect sensitive patient data and ensure compliance with regulations like HIPAA. As a result, network security is a top priority for organizations in this industry. FireMon, a leader in network security policy management, offers solutions tailored to the needs of healthcare companies.

Healthcare data is an attractive target for cybercriminals, who frequently launch ransomware attacks, data breaches, and other threats to steal valuable personal and medical information. At the same time, healthcare organizations often grow through mergers and acquisitions, introducing new network security risks with each new entity and system added. Implementing strong safeguards and maintaining continuous visibility across the network environment is essential for identifying and responding to these threats promptly.

FireMon’s solutions provide enhanced network security, compliance management, and real-time visibility and control. They help streamline the complex task of managing firewalls and security policies, which is vital for maintaining a secure network. FireMon also assists in proactively identifying potential security gaps through risk assessment and mitigation. Furthermore, FireMon’s scalable and adaptable solutions are suitable for dynamic and growing organizations, ensuring that their security infrastructure evolves with the organization.

Why Act Now?

Manual compliance audits are resource-intensive and time-consuming, often taking weeks or months to complete for large healthcare organizations. The complexity of managing security across on-premises and cloud environments with multiple vendors can make audit reporting nearly impossible without the aid of automation. Pulling and consolidating firewall logs in spreadsheets also introduces opportunities for error that can lead to audit failure. The penalties for compliance violations like HIPAA can be steep, including fines of up to $250,000 per incident.

Why Choose FireMon?

FireMon offers consolidated compliance reporting across the network environment with built-in support for HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI DSS, GDPR, and custom frameworks. Standard and ad hoc reports provide compliance visibility on demand or on a schedule. Real-time violation detection scans the entire network to find and address issues as they arise, with customizable alerts. Rule lifecycle management automates reviews, recertification, and documentation for streamlined audits. Risk and threat modeling assesses vulnerabilities, and risk prevention guardrails eliminate new vulnerabilities when rules change.

How FireMon Is Better

FireMon is purpose-built for compliance reporting with 12 built-in reports, over 500 controls, and the ability to customize using a native query language. Highly customizable workflows are optimized for rule creation and changes. Real-time compliance management scales to support 15K devices and 25M rules. Guardrails prevent violations before deployment. Advanced asset discovery provides real-time tracking of all network devices without the use agents and enriches your CMDB, asset management, and vulnerability scanner data. The FireMon Customer Experience team helps maximize your desired compliance outcomes.

For healthcare organizations, network security and compliance are fundamental. FireMon provides the solutions to establish, maintain, and demonstrate a strong security posture in today’s complex, dynamic network environments. To learn more about how FireMon can help your healthcare organization, request a demo today.

FireMon, a leading provider of centralized firewall management, has played an instrumental role in empowering Convey Health Solutions to achieve and maintain HITRUST CSF certification and PCI DSS compliance amidst a demanding audit schedule. Housing over 40 decentralized firewalls, Convey Health was navigating labor-intensive and error-prone manual processes. The need for a comprehensive, flexible, and efficient regulatory compliance and risk management solution led them to FireMon’s Network Security Policy Management (NSPM) offering.

NSPM offered a host of advanced features like centralized firewall management, real-time visibility, and highly customizable reports. FireMon exceled in providing unified policy visibility and management, along with out-of-the-box and customizable compliance assessments. Automated rule documentation and reporting, rule review and recertification workflows, and automated real-time checks across 350+ custom controls and regulatory standards streamlined Convey’s compliance efforts.

With FireMon, Convey Health not only achieved continuous compliance but eliminated time-consuming and error-prone manual processes. FireMon’s solution offered real-time network behavior and traffic flow analyses, which further allowed Convey’s team to reduce risk by identifying and removing redundant, overlapping, or unused rules. With the ability to deploy rules directly to devices with one click, FireMon simplified and expedited the whole process.

As a result, Convey Health Solutions effectively reduced the time to produce accurate compliance reports by 66%, identified and removed over 150 redundant rules, and most importantly, achieved 100% PCI DSS compliance. Patrick Stoehr, Manager of Data Network Services, remarked on FireMon’s instrumental role, “With FireMon tracking compliance for us, we were able to shrink our overall audit time by two-thirds of our original schedule. Additionally, we were able to clean and push out almost 300 rules that had not been reviewed in over three years.”

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