Security Manager

Unified ground-to-cloud network security policy visibility and management

Complexity is Necessary. Headaches Don’t Have to be. 

As networks become more complex and policy rulesets continue to multiply, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage compliance, implement rule changes, prevent outages, and address vulnerabilities before they’re exploited.

Without an integrated way to manage firewall and hybrid cloud network policies across multi-vendor, highly-distributed environments, organizations struggle with time consuming and error prone manual compliance reporting, extended response times to business owners, and lack a clear view of risk across their entire environment.

FireMon Security Manager

FireMon Security Manager is a comprehensive firewall and hybrid cloud network security policy management platform that helps organizations quickly adapt to change, manage risk, and achieve continuous compliance. By standardizing and consolidating firewall, cloud security group, and other network policy device rulesets into a single management console, Security Manager gives network teams visibility and control over even the most complex hybrid networks with ease. Designed with enterprise needs in mind, Security Manager is highly scalable and highly customizable with the industry’s only API-first approach that exposes every control for quick and reliable integrations.

Security Manager Delivers:
  • Authoritative, single source to reduce errors and pinpoint problems across the entire environment (on-premises to cloud)
  • Reduction of time to produce accurate compliance reports to minutes vs. days
  • Near-instant validation to see if proposed changes will violate policies
  • Identify/mitigate weaknesses and errors in advance
  • Improved overall security by mitigating risk in real-time and before changes are rolled out live
Security Manager Features
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    Visibility and Control

    Unmatched scalability and third-party integration provides real-time global policy management.

    • Policy rule normalization across entire environment
    • Quickly determine violations with FireMon security zone matrix
    • Public/private/hybrid cloud network security policy management
    • SD-WAN/SASE security policy management

    Advanced Analysis

    A complete suite of rule assessment tools that detect vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and traffic paths.

    • Identify redundant and unused rules across the entire environment
    • Policy-aware access and traffic flow analysis
    • Identify high-risk recycled/unused access and overly permissive rules
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    Tracking and Audit Controls

    A single source of truth for security policies across the entire environment.

    • Centralized rule repository and reporting for firewalls and other policy enforcement devices
    • Approval and audit tracking to override risk policies
    • Policy rule change audit trails and tracking reports

    Real-Time Policy Violation and Change Detection

    Automatic continuous monitoring for potential threats, errors, and events that stray from compliance policies.

    • Automatic compliance and business policy violation detection
    • Misconfiguration/change detection
    • Customizable alerts
    • Mitigation suggestions
    • Automatic guardrails detect violations before changes are made
    • SIEM/SOAR/XDR integration

    Highly Customizable Reporting

    Flexible compliance reports, security analytics, assessments, and dashboards to meet any business need.

    • Custom business risk policy and best practices reports
    • On-demand and scheduled risk reports
    • Preconfigured and ad hoc compliance/audit reports
    • On-demand, scheduled, and real-time (on change) compliance reports


    Trusted by the Global 2000

    Deemed critical to National Security
    by the United States Treasury

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