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Enterprise networks continue to increase in complexity, and threats to networks are more severe than ever. Protecting these environments takes more than great technology; it takes effective and continuous management. Without the right systems in place, that can be costly and time-consuming undertaking.

What Is Security Manager?

FireMon Security Manager is a web-based security firewall management platform that addresses the inherent complexity and changing requirements of today’s enterprise networks by providing continuous visibility into network security devices and policies. A scalable architecture and intuitive user interface ensure that security practitioners have the actionable data they need to quickly adapt defense to changing business needs and emerging threats.

FireMon's Security Manager: Device & Policy Management

Optimized to address the 3 biggest challenges of firewall management:


Policy Optimization

Analyze firewall policies to clean up and optimize firewall configurations to improve security, manageability and performance.

Find Unused Rules

Identify any unused rules and objects in existing policies to prevent unseen gaps in defense and reduce unnecessary complexity.

Locate Hidden Rules

Discover hidden and redundant rules that make your policies less effective – reducing complexity and informing proper documentation.

Rule Documentation

Identify and document every rule in your existing firewall policies to achieve and report on compliance requirements.

Policy and Behavior Analysis

Identify and review the implications of every available path of access across the entire infrastructure to ensure proper enforcement and asset protection.

Policy Search

Quickly search all devices within the enterprise domain from a single place in the application.

Traffic Flow Analysis

Trace the source and destination of every rule in each of your existing firewall policies (including NAT) to understand traffic flow.

Network Mapping

View and interact with highly complex environments using FireMon Access Path Analysis and network Map Visualization.

Security Compliance Assessment

Review effectiveness and correctness of enforced policies on firewalls to identify gaps in protection and inconsistencies in configurations as well as enforce internal access controls.


Expanded compliance auditing and automated workflow for rules recertification address new PCI DSS requirements.

Rule Definition Evaluation

Analyze the effectiveness of rules incorporated in your existing firewall policies to ensure optimal compliance.

Run Assessments

Define and employ unique security controls for customized, repeatable analysis, and reporting, of your existing firewall policies.

Create Controls

Define and employ unique security controls for customized, repeatable analysis and reporting of your firewall policies.

Security Analysis

Gauge the efficacy of your existing firewall policies, including comparative scoring, to understand current access enforcement.

Service Risk Analysis

Calculate and assess the comparative level of security risk associated with your existing firewall policies to prioritize improvement.

Change Detection and Reporting

Continuously monitor all devices for changes to configurations or policies. Understand what changed, when and why it changed as well as the impacts of the change.

Change Detection & Reporting

Isolate, document and, when necessary, alert on every ongoing change implemented throughout your existing firewall policies.

Change Comparison Views

Review every proposed rule change against your existing firewall policies to ensure consistency and prevent redundancy.

Change Auditing

Audit every change made to your existing firewall policies with full search and historical event logs.

Rule History

Aggregate detailed documentation of all rules applied within your existing firewall policies to maintain a comprehensive repository.


A Flexible, Scalable Foundation

Horizontal Data Analysis Architecture

The architecture splits application modules out onto their own servers, improving performance efficiencies and scalability.

Next-Generation Firewall Support

Reverse application engineering capabilities ease migration to next-gen systems and enhances monitoring of advanced firewalls.

BPMN 2.0 Systems Integration

Additional integration with ticketing systems like Remedy, ServiceNow and more.

Device Pack SDKs

Create device packs to integrate emerging technologies directly into Security Manager.

Application Clustering

Take advantage of multiple host resources to increase systems performance.

Web-Based Platform

Access all the features and data found in the desktop version of Security Manager from your favorite web browser; anywhere, anytime.

Get The Most Out Of The FireMon Platform

Security Manager is the foundation of a powerful platform that is enhanced by the addition of modules that integrate seamlessly into the application.

Workflow & Change Automation
Generate rule recommendations and assess the impact proposed changes will have on network security and compliance.
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Rule Recertification Automation
Automate policy review and change to address evolving security conditions and compliance requirements.
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Risk Assessment &

Evaluate the effectiveness of your security infrastructure by analyzing exposure to access-based vulnerabilities.
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