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Cloud Security Operations

Break down barriers between development, security, and operations teams, enabling everyone to become an active defender of your cloud infrastructure

Monitor, Alert, and Respond to Security Risk in Your Cloud Infrastructure

With thousands (or tens of thousands) of resources across multiple clouds, effective security starts by ensuring all of those resources and services maintain a strong security posture, in accordance to security best practices. As [Gartner believes], “Nearly all successful attacks on cloud services are the result of customer misconfiguration, mismanagement and mistakes.” But you don’t have an option to make mistakes in the cloud. Your environment will be exploited in seconds, not minutes. You need the tools and resources to continuously monitor your cloud environments to improve visibility and control them.


Optimize Response

Cloud exploits happen in seconds, not minutes. You can’t wait hours or even days for security teams to sift through logs to find high-priority problems and get them to the right team for quick resolution.

FireMon’s Cloud Defense platform delivers:

  • Real-time event analysis and intelligent routing of high-priority events
  • Solution recommendations and 1-click remediation options provided with alerts
  • Alerts sent directly using existing tools including Slack, Teams, and Jira

Continuous Risk Assessment

As cloud computing adoption grows and the scale and complexity of those environments continue to expand, maintaining control is both critical and difficult.  A pivotal first step is to understand the current state, identify the gaps, and ultimately fix the issues.

FireMon automates these processes with hundreds of compliance and best practice tools:

  • Support for common compliance standards including CIS and PCI-DSS
  • Single view of compliance across the entire organization across multiple cloud accounts
  • Real-time control violation notifications
  • Comprehensive reporting and dashboards
  • Highly customizable to support the assessment needs of any organization

Automatic Enforcement

Automated guardrails ensure security and operational best practices are enforced consistently and continuously. Without guardrails, the scale and complexity inherent in multiple teams managing multiple cloud environments quickly leads to spiraling costs, inconsistent configurations, and increased risk.

FireMon Cloud Defense lets you:

  • Follow security guidelines and benchmarks from organizations like CIS, NIST and AWS across all your cloud accounts and providers
  • Ensure standard functions like monitoring/logging, IAM and backup occur predictably and consistently
  • Keep pace by ensuring cloud resources always adhere to policies and best practices regardless of how many teams make changes
  • Fix issues automatically with policy violation alerts that are intelligently routed with the ability to respond embedded in the alert itself

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