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Policy Management & Compliance for a Hybrid Cloud Environment

The global pandemic dispersed a physically close-working team, increasing time to complete compliance assessments and risk of errors due to misconfigurations and manual processes. To perform a policy rule cleanup and meet an upcoming audit deadline, the team chose FireMon to quickly achieve and maintain strict compliance standards.

Industry: Financial Services

1 Week

For audit preparation, reduced from several months


Reduction in time to create and deploy new firewall rules


Set of network security policies across a hybrid-cloud environment

The Challenge

A resource-strapped team that relied on manual processes faced an annual audit and a growing complex environment. As most of the team’s time was spent reviewing rules for compliance and then manually implementing them, the company knew they had to improve their policy management to meet both current and future compliance and audit needs.

The company sought to:

  • Achieve continuous compliance while reducing audit preparation time
  • Automate rule documentation, clean up, and reporting
  • Remove redundant, overly permissive, and unused rules
  • Eliminate compliance errors from misconfigurations and manual processes
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About the Company

A U.S. headquartered global credit union with over 10 million members.

The Solution

NSPM from FireMon added real-time visibility, highly-customizable reports, and change automation capabilities to the company’s hybrid cloud environment

  • Out-of-the-box and customizable compliance assessments, automated rule documentation and reporting, as well as automated workflows for rule review and recertification
  • Unified visibility and centralized policy management in a single management console for a mixed-vendor, hybrid ecosystem which includes Cisco, F5, Azure, and AWS solutions

“FireMon’s automation tools not only cut the number of man-hours it takes to manage firewall rule changes, but they’ve also increased the accuracy of policy audits and reports.”

VP Enterprise Security ServicesManaging the selection and deployment of FireMon


  • Automated rule workflows reduced audit preparation time from months to a single week while eliminating error-prone manual processes
  • Centralized policy management of the company’s 300+ firewalls simplified rule creation and increased security posture
  • 90% reduction in time to create and deploy new firewalls
  • Reduced risk by identifying and eliminating redundant, overly permissive, and unused rules
  • 1 set of network security policies across a hybrid-cloud environment
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