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Policy Analyzer

No risk, no cost firewall security posture assessment

One misconfigured rule is one too many.

Misconfigurations are a well-documented source of the expanding cybersecurity gap, especially when it comes to an organization’s firewall. With traditional rules-based firewall setups becoming cumbersome to manage as environments grow, small misconfigurations can quickly add up if not identified and corrected, compromising your entire security infrastructure.

“Through 2023, “99% of firewall breaches will be caused by misconfigurations, not firewalls.”

FireMon Policy Analyzer

FireMon Policy Analyzer is a complimentary firewall security posture assessment solution that provides best practices and rule suggestions to reduce policy-related risk. Within minutes, Policy Analyzer shares a diagnostic report outlining the health of a single firewall in your environment, complete with key areas of interest and remediation recommendations.

FireMon Policy Analyzer Delivers:

  • Assessment results available in minutes with no installation, setup, or dedicated hardware
  • Key results including overly permissive, risky access, vendor hardening, and policy quality warnings
  • Validation to see if changes improve diagnostic scores
  • Downloadable reports to dive deeper into the results and share with others
  • Top remediation recommendations based on FireMon’s 20+ years of experience


Get 9X Better

See how to get:

90% Efficiency Gain by automating firewall support operations

90%+ Faster time to globally block malicious actors to a new line

90% Reduction in FTE hours to implement firewalls

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