Real-time network discover, identification, and threat detection
FireMon collects and aggregates Zscaler Cloud Firewall policy information

You Can’t Manage
What You Can’t See.

As organizations continue to distribute workloads across their on-premises networks and cloud platforms, they create new risks from an increasingly complex and expanding attack surface. Without complete real-time visibility of every device, workload, and connection it is nearly impossible to meet compliance objectives and secure a hybrid network.

FireMon Lumeta

Lumeta is a real-time network visibility solution that monitors hybrid cloud environments for anomalies, potential threats, and compliance violations. It continuously scans and discovers the entire network infrastructure for every device and connection including firewalls, routers, end points, and cloud devices. Using advanced behavioral detection techniques, Lumeta builds a baseline of network patterns and alerts security teams when suspicious activities or compliance violations are detected.

  • Real-time network visibility and alerts for environmental changes
  • Discovery and identification of every network asset and connectivity path
  • Complete network and cloud visibility with intuitive and customized network topology maps
  • Increased security with real-time breach detection
  • Threat prevention with vulnerability and leak path detection
Report Lumeta

“FireMon Lumeta is the perfect software for viewing real time data that comprises error detection, cloud visibility, etc. seamlessly. "

Sr. Analyst
$10B - $30B revenue

“We were impressed with FireMon's native cloud support and compliance reporting. We did not want a solution that would last only a few years and FireMon was able to provide us with what we needed, and we felt comfortable that they would support the direction we were going. "

Howard Wall
Senior Security Engineer
Alkami Technology

“FireMon Lumeta delivers a refined, vastly improved vision for the future of secure computing. With Lumeta, imperative sensitive data is withheld against regarded threats as new hazard facts will become available, thereby making it an affable choice."

Security & Risk Management Engineer
Energy and Utilities
$50M Revenue

“Using tools such as ping path analysts, we can traverse multiple vendor and infrastructures, to gather information to correctly secure and create policy before ever touching a firewall or router. We can create accurate change control and execute right the first time. This is HUGE, as we are hybrid across multiple cloud vendors around the world to our properties."

Robert Bollinger
Lead Cyber Security Architect
MGM Resorts International

“Excellent tool for security verification, we can monitor in real time, as the system issues alerts without delays. Its interface is practical and easy to use, the available resources add value to security with practicality."

Infrastructure and Operations
Services Industry
$250M - $500M Revenue

Network and Device Discovery

Real-time visibility into every network device and connection, providing a complete and accurate inventory of all routes and appliances that run on it.

  • Real-time L2 and L3 device detection across on-premises networks and cloud environments
  • Support for cloud, virtual, physical, SDN, endpoints, operational technology (OT), and internet of things (IoT)
  • Automatic device profile information with ability to add custom details
  • Active, passive, and targeted discovery including WMI, OSPF, SNMP, and outside-in leak path detection
100% Hybrid Cloud Visibility

Mapping, Reporting and Visualization

Powerful, flexible, and intuitive tools that deliver the insights needed to manage even the most complex of today’s hybrid networks.

  • Graphical representation of all L2/L3 devices and connections within and external to the network
  • Easy-to-use navigation tools allow deeper inspection of networks and individual elements
  • Customizable tools for grouping and highlighting by attributes, devices, OS, or vendor
  • Export to Visio with full map details including node images, location information, and metadata
Lumeta Identify Leak Paths

Real-time Event Detection and Alerts

Always know the current state of your network and be warned of critical security gaps, threats, and vulnerabilities as they happen.

  • Network activity continuously assessed to create a behavioral steady-state baseline
  • Real-time anomaly detection finds and evaluates events that exceed baseline parameters
  • Notifications based on corporate policies, enterprise-level tolerance thresholds, and defined preferences
  • Custom notifications, thresholds, prioritization, and integrations tailor alerts for any workflow
  • SIEM integration using common-event format (CEF) logging
Recursive Network Indexing

Security Management and Perimeter Breach Detection

Ensure that business user device policies are enforced and that interconnected networks are secure.

  • Identify devices such as PCs, laptops and smartphones that violate enterprise and network policies
  • Find all ingress and egress points on your network, including rogue and unauthorized Internet connectivity
  • Cross-zone leak detection to test connectivity and security between networks
Real-Time Breach Detection

Use Cases

Centralized rule repository and audit trails
Risk and threat modeling
Data Sheet

FireMon Lumeta Datasheet

Real-time infrastructure visibility, leak/path analysis and risk impacts, and ownership attribution across on-premises, virtual, software-defined, cloud and hybrid environments


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Armed with Lumeta CloudVisibility, security teams can ensure that the right policies are applied to every asset, identify leak paths that are vulnerable to attack, and easily identify suspicious network behavior.

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“FireMon allows us to manage policy more efficiently across our entire hybrid environment”
Network Engineer

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The world’s leading asset visibility and internet leak-path detection tool for your AWS hybrid cloud environments.

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