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A powerful fusion of vulnerability management, continuous compliance and security orchestration
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To patch or not to patch? See just how an exposure can turn to exploit with next-gen attack path analysis.

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Compliance standards won’t sit still.  Stay ahead of regulatory and internal audits with over 350 custom controls.

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Networks evolve faster than ever.  Automate your security configurations and make the right changes in minutes instead of days.

Security Manager
Policy Planner
Policy Optimizer
Risk Analyzer
Immediate Insight

Our Products

Since creating the firewall management space 15 years ago, FireMon has helped more than 1,500 organizations around the world gain visibility into and control over their complex security infrastructures. We combine powerful security analysis with automated workflows to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive security management product portfolio.


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Security Manager

The industry’s most scalable firewall management platform, Security Manager provides real-time, centralized management for firewalls across the enterprise network with at-a-glance intelligence for smart security decision-making.
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Policy Planner

Policy Planner’s intelligent, automated workflows enable network security and operations teams to make the right changes faster thanks to its change impact analysis and automated policy implementation.

Policy Optimizer

Streamline rule cleanup and compliance prep with Policy Optimizer’s automated workflows for rule review and recertification.
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Risk Analyzer

Combining vulnerability scanner data with network configuration data, Risk Analyzer provides actionable context to help security teams prioritize vulnerability remediation efforts, refine firewall policies and reduce overall risk exposure.

Immediate Insight

Get advanced security analysis with the speed and simplicity of a search engine. Automated assembly and correlation of disparate data accelerates threat detection and response without requiring a query language.
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I can single handedly do the analysis work of an entire remediation team - validate my findings - export the information in a format that is friendly to pass along to my admins - track remediation efforts - and update documentation in one interface.

FireMon is a great tool for any organization looking to audit their firewalls.

Our ASA failed over and we wanted to know the cause. FireMon allowed us to see the time sequence and what caused the failover.

We have experienced a significant reduction in man hours required to monitor our firewall platforms, provide reporting, and assess each platform for compliance

FireMon is a big help in our efforts to clean up our ruleset. The ability to see exactly what ports and services are being allowed versus what is being used is extremely helpful.

Well suited to provide compliance for programs like PCI.

FireMon has proved a positive impact on Return on Investment by having the ability to review firewall rules based on risk. High risk rules can be given a higher priority for review and revision.

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Security Management Needs a New Perspective
Security is not static. Threats change. Business changes. Security compliance requirements change. All of this creates an incredibly complex network security environment. So, it’s important – no, critical – that the way you manage security changes too.

FireMon created the security management space years ago by challenging the status quo and looking at things differently. We continue to do that today with innovative products designed to help you take back control of your complex network environment – whether it’s on premises, in the cloud or a combination of the two.

Through state-of-the-art network security analytics, simulation and automation, our next-generation security management solutions will dramatically improve your security posture while reducing operational costs.