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Firewall management for your network, Security analytics for your data

FireMon is the only security management platform that provides insight into the policies that define what should happen in your network and the events that are actually happening in your network. With our product suite, you get the complete visibility you need to optimize performance, maintain compliance and reduce overall exposure to risk.

What’s in it for you?

Total Integration

No matter the firewall vendor or type of security data, we’ve got you covered. Normalize configurations for multi-vendor setups with Security Manager and analyze any type of human-readable data with Immediate Insight.

Better Visibility

Search your firewalls and your data just like you would in a search engine. Natural-language search and dashboard analysis are central to all of our products to make analysis more accessible.

Less Complexity

Not only are our products designed to be intuitive, they can simplify everyday security challenges like firewall policy clean up and rapid security event triage.

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Our products operate in real time with a number of automated processes built in to free up financial and human resources for other business-critical areas of the IT operation.

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