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In the age of clouds and hybrid clouds and multi clouds, effectively managing network and firewall policy and compliance isn’t a simple matter for any organization.

That’s especially true for a leading provider of enterprise-level SAAS solutions with more than 150,000 customers around the globe. Moving fast to meet business needs and respond to changes is non-negotiable. Security must be agile to protect the global network and to ensure compliance.

This global SaaS provider turned to FireMon to meet three key challenges:

  • Lack of clear visibility into security risks and compliance within their existing network policy processes. They had four different sources of “truth” to support their security policy workflows. This limited the effectiveness of their existing security automation processes and made it difficult to ensure compliance and to predict the impacts of rule changes before implementation
  • Support for their digital transformation initiative. The company is migrating on-premise services to a multi-vendor hybrid cloud model to improve data portability and scalability. To support this migration, security needed to normalize policies across environments. Otherwise any attempts to automate processes and ensure compliance would be difficult, resource-intensive, and error prone.
  • The need to accelerate application availability. Given the company’s large, global customer base, application updates are delivered continuously. Processes must be fast and automated, including appropriate security and compliance checks.

FireMon earned their business by addressing these challenges. We provided an agile security platform that fully supports the company’s existing automation processes within their complex environment, thanks to these core capabilities:

  • Interoperability: Our Open RESTful API framework allows their team to mine and manage policy and ACL settings on devices throughout their entire environment, both as it now exists and through its planned transformation. Our solutions provide intelligence and visibility to ensure continuous compliance while supporting their analytical and reporting needs.
  • Scalability: Our solutions meet their requirements to provide a single source of policy “truth” for more than 900 firewalls and routers managed by complex policies and ACLs, and will continue to meet security and compliance requirements across the company’s on-prem and multicloud environments as they add new applications and services at an increasing rate.

Their IT team will now be able to automate the processes of evaluating security risks and monitoring policy compliance, and verify that the configuration changes that actually occur match the ones that were planned. As a result they can automate with confidence.

The complete solution incorporates our integrated capabilities in Network Security Automation, Continuous Compliance and Risk Mitigation, all optimized to work effectively within their complex environment.

Do you face tough challenges in ensuring security and compliance while increasing your agility across a complex, evolving hybrid network?  FireMon is the only agile network security policy platform giving you everything you need to streamline firewall and cloud security group policy.

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