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Due to enormous business growth, an automobile manufacturer’s security environment scaled faster than their manual processes could keep up with. The company turned to FireMon to help achieve and maintain compliance, while saving time, resources, and eliminating manual processes that often result in errors and misconfigurations.



Visibility and control of their Palo Alto firewalls

Reduction in time to review and clean firewall rules

Set of security policies across a hybrid-cloud environment

The Challenge

Rapid growth far outpaced the manual processes used to manage the company’s hybrid on-premises and cloud environment. In addition, new internal compliance standards and a strong desire to maintain a stellar security reputation led the company to seek a real-time security policy management solution that could scale alongside their business.

The company sought to:

  • Gain a single, comprehensive view of policy across their hybrid and multivendor environment
  • Automate rule documentation, clean up, and reporting
  • Remove redundant, overly permissive, and unused rules
  • Eliminate compliance errors from misconfigurations and manual processes

About the Company

A publicly traded American electric automobile manufacturer with over 600 retail locations and service centers.

The Solution

With FireMon Security Manager and Policy Planner, the company gained real-time visibility, control, and management capabilities for all network security devices across its hybrid cloud environment.

  • Preconfigured and custom compliance reporting produced reports in minutes that they had no ability to do previously 
  • Consolidated policy management for AWS and Palo Alto Firewalls 
  • Automated workflows for firewall rule review, recertification, and removal 
  • FireMon’s Security Intelligence Query Language (SICL) reduced data access complexity by performing granular, customized searches

“Given how fast our business was growing, not to mention our increased used of cloud services, we knew the target on our back and opportunities for a breach to occur were only getting larger. FireMon’s real-time visibility not only helps us reduce risk today, but it better prepares us for further expansion.”

Manager of Network Automation
managing the selection and deployment of FireMon


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90% Efficiency Gain by automating firewall support operations

90%+ Faster time to globally block malicious actors to a new line

90% Reduction in FTE hours to implement firewalls

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