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Security Manager

Consolidated policy and rule management for firewalls and cloud network security groups

Complexity is Unavoidable. Headaches Don’t Have to Be.

As networks become more complex and policy rulesets continue to multiply, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage compliance, implement rule changes, prevent outages, and address vulnerabilities before they’re exploited.

Without an integrated way to manage firewall and hybrid cloud network policies across multi-vendor, highly-distributed environments, organizations struggle with time consuming and error prone manual compliance reporting, extended response times to business owners, and lack a clear view of risk across their entire environment.

FireMon Security Manager

FireMon Security Manager is a comprehensive firewall and hybrid cloud network security policy management platform that helps organizations quickly adapt to change, manage risk, and meet compliance standards. By standardizing and consolidating firewall, cloud security group, and other network policy device rulesets into a single management console, Security Manager gives network teams visibility and control over even the most complex hybrid networks with ease. Designed with enterprise needs in mind, Security Manager is highly scalable and highly customizable with the industry’s only API-first approach that exposes every control for quick and reliable integrations.

Security Manager Delivers:
  • Authoritative, single source to reduce errors and pinpoint problems across the entire environment (on-premises to the cloud)
  • Reduction of time to produce accurate compliance reports to minutes vs. days
  • Near-instant validation to see if proposed changes will violate policies
  • Identify/mitigate weaknesses and errors in advance
  • Improved overall security by mitigating risk in real-time and before changes are rolled out live

Security Manager Features

Real-Time Visibility, Control, and Search

FireMon’s Security manager platform creates a centralized warehouse of every device, policy, and rule across your entire environment that powers everything including audit tracking, change management, search, network mapping, assessments, and reporting.

  • Real-time single source of policy information
  • Support for over 80 vendors for network policy normalization
  • Consolidated rule profiles with documentation and change histories
  • Search rules, devices, users, and workflows across the entire environment from a single console

Consolidated Compliance and Risk Assessments

FireMon offers preconfigured and customized reports that meet the needs of nearly any organization. Easy-to-use dashboards, access path analytics, and vulnerability scanner integrations give you the tools you need to assess risk across your entire environment.

  • Over 20 included compliance and risk assessment reports including PCI-DSS, NERC-CIP, NIST, and HIPAA
  • Customize reports or create new ones with included and custom controls
  • Unified dashboard for an overall view of risk and compliance using FireMon’s Security Concern Index
  • Access path analysis and “what if” attack assessments detect and mitigate hidden risks
  • Vulnerability integrations including Qualys, Rapid7, and Tenable give deeper insights to policy-related risks

Easily Create, Update, and Manage Policies

FireMon’s visibility and insights across the network landscape powers rule management tools that simplify rule creation and updates. Once created, policy lifecycle management ensures rules are assessed regularly.

  • Workflows with intelligent rule recommendations
  • Automatic rule evaluation tests for violations and risk before it’s deployed
  • Make the changes yourself or use FireMon’s optional automatic rule deployment
  • Support for leading ITSM systems such as ServiceNow, Jira, and Remedy by BMC
  • Optional workflows automate reviews to recertify, change, or decommission rules

Architected for Integration and Scale

Security Manager is designed to work within your existing security operational framework and deliver real-time change detection, security alerts, and queries no matter how large or complex your environment is.

  • Native and API-based integration with nearly any security vendor within the SIEM, SOAR, vulnerability detection, cloud, DevOps, ITSM, SASE, SD-WAN, networking, and endpoint categories
  • FireMon’s API-first approach exposes every platform element and functionality via Swagger-based APIs
  • FireMon’s platform is purpose-built to address the needs of the most complex and demanding enterprise environments
  • Distributed architecture lets you add application, database, and data collector servers as your needs grow

Use Cases

  • Policy Standardization and Optimization
  • Policy Creation and Management
  • Rule Recertification
  • Consolidated Compliance Reporting
  • Compliance and Risk Simulations
  • Risk Detection and Response

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