If you’re looking at Skybox,
you’re missing the big picture.

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Your network complexity is growing quickly, shouldn’t your security?

WITHOUT FireMon, you’ll end up with a solution that:

  • Limits automation of your security policy implementation
  • Relies on data polling for configuration analysis rather than real-time data
  • Lacks customization for compliance assessments and general queries
  • Requires multiple management consoles rather than operating from a single pane of glass.

WITH FireMon you can ensure continuous compliance, optimize vulnerability management and move at the speed of DevOps.

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  • Accurate understanding of network topology and application connectivity
  • Automated and live-stream data for real-time monitoring
  • Agentless real-time endpoint profiling
  • Tests for leak paths, finds and delivers alerts on violations in real time
  • Integrated risk/vulnerability analysis
  • Single console for your global network

Skybox Security

  • Depends entirely on configuration data, limiting discovery and traffic flow mapping
  • Point-in-time data
  • Limited endpoint detection and profiling
  • No capability to trace leak paths
  • Static data inputs limit risk analysis
  • Multiple consoles, poor user experience


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