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If you're looking at Skybox, you're missing the big picture

FireMon fits your needs today with plenty of extra room for tomorrow

The performance, scale, and support you need.

FireMon delivers a time-tested, enterprise-proven platform for policy change automation, compliance, and risk management.

FireMon provides:

  • Proven scalability and performance routinely supporting customers with more than 20,000 devices
  • An API-first approach for easy integrations into SIEM, SOAR, XDR, vulnerability scanners, and ITSM systems
  • Real-time flexible, granular, and customizable search with FireMon’s Security Intelligence Query Language (SIQL)
  • Fully customizable reporting, analytics, assessments, and dashboards
  • World-class support team to get you set up in no time and is always at your side when you need assistance
  • Ongoing training, health and architectural reviews, product tutorials, and more

It’s time to upgrade.

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FireMon beats Skybox where it matters

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