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One of the most critical aspects of proper security hygiene is keeping critical security devices patched and up-to-date. Firewalls and network security devices running outdated OSes is a top source of unintended breach avenues waiting to be exploited.

A current example of this came from Cisco Firepower devices: Cisco recently released a field notice alerting users that several OS versions powering these devices may stop receiving security intelligence updates in March due to an SSL certificate change.

On an enterprise network, manually searching for devices running the affected OS versions would be a time-consuming nightmare. Luckily, security operations teams have help in the form of FireMon’s Security Intelligence Query Language (SIQL). Shortly after Cisco’s field notice, FireMon released to their clients a list of the impacted OS versions, a SIQL query to find devices running those versions, and instructions to apply the fix. FireMon clients contact your CSM today to get the fix immediately.

This isn’t something you’d ever hear about on the evening news or even a quarterly review of business practices. But it is the sort of thing that security operations teams do on a daily basis that prevents cybersecurity disasters from happening—and keeps them from making news in the first place. With this simple but powerful fix, FireMon’s clients are able to locate and update the devices running affected versions of the OS and ensure their devices continue to receive critical security intelligence updates.

FireMon’s real-time security policy management platform is built for the enterprise, with speed and scalability the competition can’t match. And the power and flexibility of SIQL, our built-in query language, gives FireMon customers the ability to instantly and easily find information about their network. As one customer put it, “FireMon SIQL enables us to build analytics to use our data to gain superior insights quickly. Competitors are like ‘find’ in MS Word where FireMon is like Google.”

To improve security outcomes, you need to improve security operations. FireMon has been doing that for our clients for over twenty years. And if you’re a Firepower customer, don’t wait: the SSL changes will take place on March 5, so contact your CSM and double-check that your Firepower devices are running unaffected release versions today.

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