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As enterprises move to hybrid-cloud networks, they need more visibility than ever. But, despite the compelling business case of cloud-first technologies like Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), technology leaders often worry about maintaining visibility and control across an increasingly complex hybrid network.

Through its new partnership with Zscaler, FireMon has responded to this need by enabling our customers to visualize and manage Zscaler Advanced Cloud Firewall policies alongside those in traditional network security enforcement points like firewalls, routers, and cloud security groups. This simplifies enterprise adoption of SASE and supports real-time policy analysis that enables security and compliance.

Businesses that combine FireMon and Zscaler can visualize configuration, policy, and rule usage statistics across all network security enforcement points through a single pane of glass.  They can validate policies across regulatory and corporate standards, analyze access across the network, and monitor for change to identify risks quickly. Security is improved and governance is easier with automated reporting through a single pane of glass. And for organizations that haven’t yet made the move to a hybrid-cloud network, pairing FireMon with Zscaler eases the pain of migration.

The end result is less complexity, better security, and a faster move toward zero trust, cloud-centric network and security architectures.

Easily Manage Your Zscaler Policies (and everything else)

Joint customers of FireMon and Zscaler can easily manage policies, ensure compliance, and monitor changes across Zscaler Advanced Cloud Firewall and traditional firewalls, as well as other network security enforcement points.

On a practical level, integrating FireMon and Zscaler makes daily security operations easier in many ways. For instance, users can:

  • Confirm all firewalls, including Zscaler, and consistently enforce network security policies
  • Visualize the Zscaler Cloud Firewall as part of the hybrid network map
  • Ensure Zscaler rules are created according to enterprise best practices and identify overly permissive rules
  • Analyze network paths containing Zscaler Cloud Firewalls to ensure proper connectivity and segmentation
  • Audit Zscaler policies as part of the overall audit process
  • Identify configuration and rule changes, as well as access violations, across the hybrid network
  • Implement consistent security for all branches.

These use cases are enables through rich API integration between FireMon and Zscaler.   Using the Zscaler API, FireMon collects information from passes it to FireMon’s Agile Network Security Policy Management platform and FireMon’s Automation. Zscaler data is aggregated and used to build the FireMon network model, which includes networking, security controls, and assets. The Zscaler Cloud Firewall can be visualized as part of the overall network map.

FireMon and Zscaler: Integration in Action

The FireMon platform uses Zscaler policy information to apply real-time policy analysis, so the right security policy enforcement is always in place and proper network segmentation is always supported.

Joint customers of FireMon and Zscaler are able to visualize configurations, policies, and rules across all network security enforcement points through a single pane of glass

FireMon and Zscaler – A Powerful Pairing

Policy Management
Normalize and manage policies across firewalls, next-generation firewalls, and cloud environments from different vendors through a single pane of glass.

Policy Validation
Validate policies against regulatory requirements or custom-defined policies.

Access Analysis
Confirm Zscaler security controls enforce the desired enterprise-wide access, security, and compliance policies.

Rule Base Compliance
Monitor and ensure security controls continuously maintain compliance with defined access and rule policies. Identify rule, access, and configuration compliance violations.

Network Mapping
Automatically collect and build Zscaler Cloud Firewall data into a visual and interactive model that provides end-to-end network abstraction of access paths with access path analysis and network map visualization.

Rule Review
Analyze firewall configurations to identify hidden, unused, shadowed, or overly permissive rules that provide more access than necessary.

Change Tracking
Track changes to Zscaler Cloud Firewall rules for compliance or rule review analysis. Ensure changes are certified. Identify when a change occurred, who made the change, whether it was expected, and if the change created a negative impact.

You Can’t Stop Complexity. But You Can Control It.

Cloud-first is permeating the world of enterprise computing at a rapid rate, but it can lead to policy sprawl and poor visibility. Organizations need to choose technology stacks that can be easily integrated and automatically orchestrated if they’re going to realize the benefits that drove them to the cloud in the first place – flexibility, agility, scalability, and speed to market.

Organizations that implement FireMon and Zscaler Advanced Cloud Firewall can enforce consistent security and compliance policy across heterogeneous hybrid-cloud networks that span data centers, the cloud, and SASE architectures. Hybrid-cloud networks are more secure and their governance and compliance efforts are greatly simplified because management is centralized through a single console that displays normalized data and visual maps.

Schedule a demo today to learn more about how the FireMon and Zscaler integration helps you close the complexity gap, or register for free for Zenith Live 2020, Zscaler’s Annual Cloud Summit and attend our presentation on demand.

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