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Extend Visibility & Augment Security Effectiveness for VMWare NSX

Network virtualization calls for agility of IT operations

FireMon’s Agile NSPM platform automates security across diverse network and security products regardless of vendor, where the backbone is the VMware NSX architecture. As much as it’s important to think about security when applications are being developed, CISOs need functionality based on a solid but actionable network security infrastructure that allows them to quickly optimize rules and add global policies without having to overhaul the underlying DevOps foundation.

With a consistent operating model built to manage changes and risk, FireMon perfectly complements and extends the security capabilities of VMware NSX by allowing you to:

  • Adapt to Change quickly speeding up policy management changes by up to 5x
  • Improve Scalability and Performance by automating and optimizing workflows
  • Integrate Anywhere with a variety of security tools to optimize your organization’s security posture

Just as VMware understands the need to embed security in its offerings that span the public cloud and virtual environments, FireMon is keeping pace with the need to consistently apply security policy across such hybrid environments.

VMWare NSX + FireMon