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Finding the needle in the haystack

Practical steps to improve your security operations and outcomes.

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The role of security teams is getting harder.

With increases in the complexity of networks; the number and types of attacks, and compliance requirements, it’s no surprise that teams are stretched.

So what can you do to maximise your team’s impact?

Finding the best approach to improve your organisation’s security outcomes is often described as “finding a needle in a haystack”. Not anymore.

This E-book developed by Bryan Littlefair, CEO, Cambridge Cyber Advisers, explores in detail the steps you should take in order to nail your SecOps approach.

Bryan’s book covers how you can:
• Track and trace threats in an impactful and effective manner
• Effectively monitor and manage the security lifecycle of all corporate technology and data from creation of service through to decommissioning
• Reduce the likelihood of a misconfiguration or a breach on your network

If security impact, scale and outcomes are top of your agenda, then download your copy today.

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