Customizable Workflows

Workflow Automation to Unlock Business Agility

Dated workflows reduce operational efficiency, hamper business agility, and increase network risk.

FireMon empowers you to scale and perform your network security policy management strategy against your largest and most complex network.

Only FireMon provides visual displays that make even highly complex workflow processes clear, allowing companies to easily adapt to change as network security devices, cloud security groups, and workflows evolve.

FireMon Workflow Automation

FireMon provides simple and clear visual representation of workflows

FireMon provides simple and clear visual representation of workflows, combined with robust workflow change functionality—unlike competitors, which fail to provide the level of visual information required to make informed workflow changes.

Network Security Policy Management

Without FireMon Customizable Workflows

  • Relying on third-party assistance to modify workflows slows change and reduces efficiency

With FireMon Customizable Workflows

  • Swiftly and easily keep workflows updated and optimized for maximum efficiency
  • Leaving dated workflows unchanged extends time-to-remediate and slows adoption of new security capabilities
  • Rapidly update workflows to remediate vulnerabilities and leverage new security capabilities introduced to the network
  • Modifying complex workflows without visual contextual information can be confusing, time-consuming, and error-prone
  • Use simple, intuitive visual workflows to easily identify where and how to make needed changes

Remove workflow bottlenecks and increase efficiencies while reducing labor costs.

Optimize network security policy management with intelligent recommendations.

Understand and modify workflows without the need for professional services.

Make timely and accurate changes to automated security workflows as processes or business requirements change.

Get 9X Better
See how to get:

90% Efficiency Gain by automating firewall support operations

90%+ Faster time to globally block malicious actors to a new line

90% Reduction in FTE hours to implement firewalls

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