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Security Policy Management

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Considering Change Management? Consider FireMon

Good policy hygiene relegates access to only what is necessary to meet the needs of the business: nothing …
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Security is Hard and the Stakes are High

It has been said that cybersecurity is an asymmetric game where the attackers have the advantage. An attacker…
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One Simple Misconfiguration. 2.9 Billion Users Down.

Facebook users suffered a complete outage affecting all apps including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger…
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Network Security Investment Priority #3: SASE

Endpoint numbers have been exploding for years due to cloud traffic, BYOD, and IoT. Now the need to manage…
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Network Security Investment Priority #2: Zero Trust

If traditional network defenses are visualized as castles and moats, Zero Trust Architectures (ZTAs) can be …
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Network Security Investment Priority #1: Automation

The Future of Network Security, IT security leaders’ top priority was clear: automation. The need to automate…
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New Research: The Future of Network Security

Partnering with Pulse, an independent research organization, FireMon sponsored a comprehensive study …
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Uplevel Your Security and Networking Capabilities with Automation

The policies that are meant to protect us are becoming a threat vector themselves. As network complexity explodes…