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Tufin Takeover BG (2)

AWS Permission Boundaries for Dummies

AWS permission boundaries are confusing. I know they are confusing because they confused me, and it took me…
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Looking Forward to Seeing You at RSA 2022

RSA 2022 is almost here! I’m excited to see many of you face-to-face in just a few weeks in…
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Cloud Security Pioneer Rich Mogull Joins FireMon Team

It’s been seven months since DisruptOps joined FireMon with a mission to improve security outcomes…
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FireMon Releases Timely Cisco Firepower Fix

One of the most critical aspects of proper security hygiene is keeping critical security devices patched and up…

Introducing DisruptOps

Cloud security in your workflow. Not in your way. As we announced today, DisruptOps is now a part of…
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Don’t Get Comfortable: More Change is Coming

The pandemic will burn itself out eventually, but its effects will not. We’re different people now – we’re …
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FireMon Partners with Zscaler to Ensure Security and Compliance across the Entire Hybrid Network

As enterprises move to hybrid-cloud networks, they need more visibility than ever. But, despite the compelling…
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Why We’re Thankful for You – the Network Security Professional

Network security professionals are unsung heroes. Everyday news app visitors won’t read about all the …
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Global SAAS Leader Chooses FireMon to Automate Network Security. Here’s Why.

In the age of clouds and hybrid clouds and multi clouds, effectively managing network and firewall policy …
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Why Security Misconfiguration Are Higher During Covid-19

There are good reasons your IT security team may be looking a bit sleep-deprived. In addition to the stress…