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Company Size: Enterprise
10,001+ employees

Reviewed By:

Daniel James
Security Engineer,
Southwest Airlines

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Why Daniel needed FireMon

“Admins fight a balance of efficiency and due diligence – just as security teams fight a battle of risk vs. business needs. Having FireMon in-house as a solution has helped shape the due diligence and expectations from our administrators, clearly allowing us to draw a line in the sand as far as acceptable risk, or acceptable documentation – and enforce that.”

How Daniel uses FireMon

“FireMon is actively being used by our security team to enforce oversight and compliance standards for our firewall environment. Compliance leverages the solution to help prioritize which devices may need more assistance or a greater amount of overhead needed to remediate.”

What Daniel likes most about FireMon

“Remediation Reporting – A flexible interface allows for very granular information to be generated, exported, and manipulated. Want to export a list of expired rules? Done. Rules that allow traffic but don’t have logging enabled? Done. Find a change that took place outside of your change window and identify who’s manager to speak to? Done.”

What Daniel has achieved with FireMon

“I can single-handedly do the analysis work of an entire remediation team – validate my findings – export the information in a format that is friendly to pass along to my admins – track remediation efforts – and update documentation in one interface.”

Daniel’s Advice


“Although in this review I have emphasized reporting, let me clearly identify that FireMon is more than that. Yes, I can run reports – but I can also canvas my team and come up with specific controls that we want to enforce going forward.”

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