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“FireMon is an extremely valuable tool”



Product Used:

Security Manager

Company Size:

10,001+ employees

Reviewed By:

Ken Sharp
Cybersecurity / Firewall Analyst, Dupont

FireMon Customer Story independently sourced by TrustRadius

Why Ken needed FireMon

“For merger and acquisition, or spinoff of network infrastructure, FireMon is an extremely valuable tool for quickly documenting routes, policies, and zones to execute firewall migrations.

How Ken uses FireMon

“FireMon is used for firewall change management from request to implementation and verification. It’s used extensively for policy tests, and to enable cleanup and migration.”

What Ken likes most about FireMon

“FireMon’s Policy Planner is customizable, and can be fit to your company’s workflow requirements, to include API for ServiceNow. Plus FireMon provides policy testing capability and traffic flow analysis, which is critical for timely troubleshooting.”

What Ken has achieved with FireMon

“FireMon has greatly increased the accuracy of changes and reduced the risk of planned changes (3 incidents in over 27,000 change tickets, most with multiple policy changes in each, is a stellar record).”

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““FireMon is very well suited for an enterprise with any number of firewalls and types. It is scalable, and can be installed as a single appliance, or distributed infrastructure, with as many data collectors as needed.””

Ken SharpCybersecurity / Firewall Analyst, Dupont

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