FireMon + Zscaler

Accelerate your move to SASE with a common policy management platform across your entire network.
FireMon collects and aggregates Zscaler Cloud Firewall policy information

Visualize, normalize, and manage Zscaler Advanced Cloud Firewall Policies through the same interface you do for traditional firewalls and cloud security groups.

Centralized Policy Management

FireMon collects and aggregates Zscaler Cloud Firewall policy information directly into the FireMon platform and builds it into the FireMon network model that includes network topology, security controls, and assets.

  • Simplify migration to Zscaler with a comprehensive view of existing firewall policies
  • Visualize, normalize, centralize, and enforce network security policies across the entire hybrid estate from a single pane of glass
  • Streamline policy creation, management, and audit across all network security enforcement points
FireMon collects and aggregates Zscaler Cloud Firewall policy information

With FireMon, you can visualize the Zscaler Cloud Firewall as part of your overall network map in relation to the hybrid network security topology, including local internet breakouts from the edge router outward to the Zscaler Cloud Firewall.

Security and Compliance Enforcement

The FireMon + Zscaler partnership enables companies to

  • Visualize and analyze all network traffic to identify security and compliance risks
  • Improve security and compliance posture by ensuring alignment between Zscaler policies and all enterprise standards
  • Ensure continuous compliance by monitoring network access paths and alerting to potentially risky changes
FireMon + Zscaler Security and Compliance Enforcement

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Key Features

Policy Management Normalize and manage policies across firewalls, next-generation firewalls, and cloud environments from various vendors from a single pane of glass.
Policy Validation Validate policies against regulatory requirements or custom-defined policies.
Access Analysis Confirm Zscaler security controls enforce the desired enterprise-wide access, security, and compliance policies.
Rule Base Compliance Monitor and ensure security controls continuously maintain compliance with defined access and rule policies. Identify rule, access, and configuration compliance violations.
Network Mapping Automatically collect and build Zscaler Cloud Firewall data into a visual and interactive model that provides network abstraction of access paths end-to-end with access path analysis and network map visualization.
Rule Review Analyze firewall configurations to identify hidden, unused, shadowed, or overly permissive rules that provide more access than necessary.
Change Tracking Track changes to Zscaler Cloud Firewall rules for compliance or rule review analysis. Ensure changes are certified. Identify when a change occurred, who made the change, and whether it expected; and determine if the change created a negative impact.

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Extending Security Policy Visibility across Your Hybrid Enterprise Infrastructure

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Enforce security and compliance across a range of network devices


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