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Just-in-Time Privileged Access for AWS with FireMon Authorization Control

It’s easy to say “identity is the new perimeter in cloud”, it’s hard to do anything about it. Cloud breaks down the walls surrounding infrastructure, allowing teams incredible agility and efficiency as they manage their own environments. But this creates significant risks and complexity as security teams struggle to maintain least privilege and manage access without adding crippling friction. FireMon Authorization Control solves these challenges with frictionless, policy-based just-in-time access. Teams can now request temporary access right in the ChatOps tools they already use, and Authorization Control routes the requests to the right approvers, provisions just the needed privileges, and adds additional protections like IP locks to prevent stolen session credentials.

In this webinar learn how FireMon Authorization Control:

  • Works with your existing identity providers (FireMon never has direct access to your environments)
  • Uses real-time workflows to request and grant access using Slack and MS Teams
  • Supports daily developer access, privileged access, break glass, and other common workflows
  • Adds policy restrictions such as time of access, source IP addresses, and tag-derived attribute-based access controls
  • Logs all requests and responses for complete visibility into user access to cloud.

View this on-demand webinar to learn more about FireMon Authorization Control, see it in action during a live demo session, and how to sign up for our early access program.

Authorization Control currently supports AWS, with Azure and GCP coming soon!

Guest Speaker

Rich Mogull

SVP Cloud Security, FireMon

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