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FireMon Asset Manager: Manage the Unknown EMEA

If you can’t see it, you can’t manage it. And it’s almost certain you’re not seeing everything on your complex hybrid network –all the devices, connections, routes, and appliances that are changing all the time.

FireMon Asset Manager (formerly Lumeta) is a uniquely powerful tool that helps you confidently protect your network by continuously scanning your entire network infrastructure to detect and gather data from every connected device: cloud, virtual, physical, SDN, endpoints, OT, and IoT.

In this webinar learn how FireMon Asset Manager:

  • Identifies known and rogue devices through real-time L2 and L3 device detection across on-premises networks and cloud environments
  • Provides logical and physical device location mapping with graphical representation of all devices and connections within and external to the network
  • Works with your existing vulnerability and incident response tools to accelerate your ability to prevent, identify, and recover from security incidents
  • Find the ingress and egress points on your network, including rogue and unauthorized internet connectivity

Learn more about how FireMon Asset Manager helps improve your security posture and operational effectiveness, see it in action during a live demo session, and hear about upcoming features. 

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