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Back to Basics: It’s Time to Clean Up your Firewalls

Let’s set the scene. Your infrastructure has got a lot bigger than it used to be. More firewalls mean more security rules. But out of the hundreds, or thousands of security policies you have on your firewalls, do you know which ones are redundant? And which ones are needed?

Most organisations don’t. And unsurprisingly, this is leaving them open to breaches.

That’s why it’s time to clean up your firewalls.

Join Ronny Schaedel, Senior Sales Engineer, EMEA as he explores:

  • Firewall clean up –the challenges of an unruly security policy landscape
  • How you can take control of your security policies and get rid of unused policies
  • A walk through of what cleaning up your firewall policies look like
  • The benefits of firewall policy clean up
Guest Speaker

Ronny Schadel

Senior Sales Engineer, EMEA FireMon

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