Network Security Risk Management

The best way to combat unwarranted access is to preemptively identify and analyze areas of vulnerability. However, the complex nature of security policies combined with the time-consuming burden of patching tens of thousands of vulnerabilities makes threats difficult to see and assess. See how FireMon can help you manage risk with real-time visibility and control to remediate the vulnerabilities that matter the most.

How FireMon Helps You Manage Risk

rIskiest assets w score

Score Attack Simulations

FireMon can score all attack simulations for risk and impact and then re-score once you’ve made improvements to determine the impact changes. We can calculate the ratio of vulnerabilities not exposed by the rule to the total number of potential vulnerabilities, plus asset value and affect multipliers. You can get a complete score of your network risk with a user dashboard that gives you real-time visibility of your risk posture by policy rule and asset.

Simulate Potential Attacks

FireMon can trace possible paths that attackers might use to gain access to your critical assets. We can determine where multiple exploits could be used in combination to penetrate your network. Using visual attack paths and zero-day attack graphs, you can assess an attack’s impact and prioritize patching accordingly or adapt device rules to reroute access to address the risk immediately.

Risk Attack Scenarios
Risk Attack Report

Prioritize Vulnerability Patching

FireMon integrates with your vulnerability management solutions (Qualys, Rapid7 and Tenable) to measure risk and identify potential attack penetration in your network. By collecting and reporting on the real-time configurations of network access controls deployed on your network security devices, Risk Analyzer delivers accurate remediation recommendations so that you can prioritize and optimize your patch management strategy.

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Assess Risk in Real-Time

FireMon instantly assesses and communicates risk associated with new access requests. You can detect when new access will uncover vulnerable systems, scope proposed changes prior to implementation and streamline the approval process for access requests that don’t affect your risk profile. We give you the visibility you need to prevent the introduction of potentially problematic settings.

Assess Risk
DSS Report

Comply with PCI-DSS

Maintaining compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) can be an enormous task. FireMon can help streamline the process with easy-to-use assessment tools, reporting and automated logs. We can provide detailed documentation as new changes are made to your security policies, and we can look at network, policy, vulnerability and asset data to rank the rules controlling traffic between networks and zones.

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FireMon solutions blend powerful, real-time security analysis with automated workflows to deliver field-tested, cloud-secured network security policy management for your hybrid enterprise. See for yourself.

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