State and federal governments have relatively few data breaches. But what they lack in number, they make up for in severity. Nothing has more critical information luring a cyberattack like government networks. State actors, hacktivists and run of the mill cybercriminals are all seeking ways to exploit the big government target.

Continuous Security for Government Agencies

Governments around the world are exchanging information like never before. Citizens, civilians, military, students, contractors all have data sitting in government hands. Securing government network must be continuous, ongoing and bulletproof to avoid disruption in services and protect data from thieves.

FireMon helps ensure confidentiality, control acces to government networks and improve national defense with tighter cybersecurity. FireMon is the only solution capable of managing security for governments, because only FireMon has the powerful fusion of vulnerability management, continuous compliance and orchestration.

The FireMon Solution

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See your network from the standpoint of a cybercriminal or state actor with attack  simulation, detailing just how an exposure turns to exploit.

Global data sharing across governments and agencies is appealing for cyberattackers. FireMon prioritizes your threats, shows you the attack paths and automates policy changes to remediate.   

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Government compliance can dwarf what enterprises face. But with continuous compliance you’re ready for anything.

Stop manually stitching together data for reporting on compliance. FireMon gives you built-in standards like PCI DSS, SOX, NIST, NERC plus a library of 350+ custom controls tailored to your needs. Real-time compliance checks ensure that you’re always audit-ready.

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Get rid of the manual work and time-intensive processes for network changes. Automate change with total security confidence.

Attackers only have to be right once, governments have to be right every, single time. FireMon’s end-to-end change automation leaves nothing to chance, so you can be sure the right change happens in minutes instead of weeks.

The FireMon Difference

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Government services are always on, your security monitoring should be too
  • Full Data Retention: Keep data for as long as you need it, for governments that can mean forever
  • Customizable Search & Reporting: Find anything inside and between agencies with custom search
  • Automation & Orchestration: Move quickly to prevent cyberattacks with changes made in seconds instead of weeks