FireMon Security & Compliance Solutions for Electric & Energy Companies

Increased network complexity and the proliferation of industrial control systems (ICS) makes the energy sector a prime target for cyberattacks. FireMon enables compliance with regulatory standards such as NERC-CIP, and enhances your hybrid network security with centralized, automated management of your security policies. We deliver real-time visibility and control and optimize your vulnerability management to ensure continuous compliance.

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How FireMon Helps the Energy Industry


Defend Against Rapidly Growing Threats

The threat against our electrical grid is growing at an alarming rate. Two decades ago, your ICS components were not connected to the broader Internet, and many of them were never designed to be. Through real-time traffic flow analysis, FireMon tracks behavior across your ICS/IIoT networks to identify which applications are being used in a rule and between sources and destinations. You can also correlate your vulnerability scans with our access path analysis to trace every available access path across the network to effectively reduce your network’s attack surface with a defined path to remediation.

Monitor Changes in Real-Time

Your critical infrastructure can change in the blink of an eye, with new changes that demand new security rules. FireMon’s adaptive controls respond to those changes, instantly pushing updated policies to the right enforcement points to fortify your network. We can remove expired and unnecessary rules instantly, so your integrated network and cloud federations are always protected. FireMon monitors all of the moving parts to optimize your security posture, reduce complexity and increase the efficiency of your hybrid network.

Analyze Redundant Rules
Report Lumeta

Gain Real-Time Visibility

FireMon provides energy companies with situational awareness through unmatched real-time visibility into your ICS and IIoT environments. We deliver context, breach and network segmentation analytics to understand changes to your infrastructure as they occur. Lumeta identifies segmentation violations and dangerous leak paths between your ICS networks, IoT/IIoT environments and the Internet. By combining vulnerability data with network policy, we eliminate 100% of your blind spots and monitor changes or unusual behaviors to eliminate any gaps in coverage that may leave you exposed.

Simulate Potential Attacks

FireMon can trace possible paths that attackers might use to gain access to your utility network, and you can determine where multiple exploits could be used in combination to penetrate your network. Using visual attack paths and zero-day attack graphs, you can assess an attack’s impact and prioritize patching accordingly or adapt device rules to reroute access to address the risk immediately.

Risk Attack Scenarios
GPC Access Profiles

Enable DevOps Agility

As your DevOps teams drive the speed of business with new technology adoption, including cloud, SDN and containers, you’re charged with ensuring consistent security without impeding innovation. FireMon accelerates your speed to market by giving DevOps and other application owners the ability to manage and control their own business access requirements with guided “self-serve” security that automatically distributes the right rules to any enforcement point in minutes versus weeks.

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FireMon solutions blend powerful, real-time security analysis with automated workflows to deliver field-tested, cloud-secured network security policy management for your hybrid enterprise. See for yourself.

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