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Monitor, Alert, and Respond to Security Risk in Real Time 
Across your Public Cloud Infrastructure

Bring Security and DevOps together to find and fix issues, fast.

Operational barriers between development, security, and operations teams result in delays – or worse. Simply finding issues isn’t enough: alerts can go to the wrong teams or sit gathering dust in seldom-monitored inboxes.

DisruptOps from FireMon

DisruptOps is a cloud security operations platform to monitor, alert and respond to security risk across your public cloud infrastructure. 

  • Find the issues that matter so you can remediate before issues become incidents
  • Alert the right responders by distributing critical issues through tools they already use like Slack, Teams, or Jira
  • Reduce the mean time to respond with context, expert guidance, and remediation options

“Using DisruptOps is like adding a Security Engineer to all of my DevOps teams.”

– Aaron Turner, CSO •

“Now we are able to work together to quickly and easily fix high-risk cloud security findings with context from the tools we are already using.”

– Omer Deutsch, CISO • Next Insurance

DisruptOps Features
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    Distributed Alerting and Response

    DisruptOps delivers critical issues directly where they make the most difference. 

    • Alert the right responders through the tools they’re already using, like Slack, Teams, and Jira
    • Fine-grained alert controls without coding or scripting
    • Serverless design allows alerts to be classified instantly and filtered based on best practices and custom rules

    Real-Time Threat Monitoring

    DisruptOps does the heavy lifting and alerts you when an indicator of threat occurs and provides context with recommended response actions.

    • Context-rich alerts provide actionable information 
    • Cross-platform visibility gives insight into resources consumed across all cloud accounts
    • Speed remediation efforts with Infrastructure-as-Code snippets and pre-built automated response options

    Cloud Security Posture Monitoring

    Continuous monitoring uses hundreds of cloud infrastructure checks to find misconfigured resources.

    • Generate reports that monitor and review cloud infrastructure misconfigurations
    • Reviews based on the CIS Benchmarks & AWS Well-Architected frameworks
    • Shift left by finding security gaps in pre-production environments

    Automated Guardrails

    Automated guardrails monitor for configuration changes in your environment and take automated corrective action to revert things back to the secure state, before bad things happen.

    • Granular filters can be scoped down to a single resource
    • Integration with AWS Security Hub allows you to take action automatically


    Trusted by the Global 2000

    Deemed critical to National Security
    by the United States Treasury

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